Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 11, 2008

Leeteuk Love Fighter Ep.3 Pics

Credit: 想嫁给赫在哒蛋 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar


I love what he’s wearing – the black tie and the little vest and shirt is so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!! (ssshhhh, i really like coporate type outfits ok XD) except i don’t really understand the strings attached to his top…^^”

He looks really TALL too *——-* (i wonder how many shoe lifts he’s using XP) click here to view more pictures.

Symbelmyn @ youtube has uploaded a 30 seconds preview of the episode here (it looks really happy and funny, my favourite part is watching the strings on Teukie’s shirt fly around XDDDD)

And before you ask, I still haven’t watched episode one OR two yet, because I still haven’t seen a subbed version, and watching unsubbed shows (especially talk shows) kinda makes me really frustrated ^^”  – i’ve already talked about my issues with the show here XD

*off to watch the white strings on Teukie’s shirt again…*


  1. OMG I SEE BAE SEUL GI!!!!!!!!!
    i love bae seul gi <333333
    lol anywayz…yes i love this outfit…the strings r kinda out of place!? but nevertheless leeteuk looks very good ^^
    actually to be honest i never knew celebrities went on the shoe =.=” haha so now im actually interested to watch it xP
    well if it gets subbed i shall watch it!

  2. Candychu:
    ooo Bae seul gi? shes the girl in the DBSK drama right? the weird psychic one? I didn’t know celebrities went on the show either, until you told me XD and lol aren’t the strings really really really funny XDDDDDD (ok i’m weird XP)

  3. lol i dont tend to describe bae seul gi has “the weird psychic one” XP…more the pretty one that should marry siwon or yunho haha see, when i like a female celebrity, i dont mind them being paired up with the suju or dbsk boys xD ahaha in fact i think shes cute with siwon or yunho…(but matches more with yunho) lol call me weird but in that ep of love letter wen yunho was trying so hard to get seulgi and he failed…i almost cried…esp wen he then went for hyebin =.=” ahahaha…but at least they were together in xman <333333
    and her and siwon r also very cute…on love letter she rejected all these ppl wen they called out her name then siwon was like “seul gi sshi” and she hopped up and smiled and ran to her seat xDDDD ahahaa…okay ill stop now =P

  4. Candychu:
    Lol sorry, i don’t mean that Bae seul gi is “weird and psycho” just her character in the DBSK drama (thats the only thing i know her from) But she’s really pretty and i do agree that she’d look really good with Yunho (although i still think and Yunho & Lina from CSJH would be the cutest couple ^^)

  5. lol ahaha now i think UR the one that misunderstood me xD lol yeh i got wat u meant by referring to her character…but i usually dont refer back to her as that…coz her character was weird xD LOL…a psychic who cant forsee her own death xD lol
    yunho & lina? lol thats a bit random !? ive seen yunho + sunday together from the dream concert…the way yunho looked into sunday’s eyes made me jealous haha xD not that im not a fan of sunday xD ahaha
    but i saw lina on one ep of love letter…she looked so pretty !!! except they cut out majority of her parts =.=” bu she was paired up with that guy from 200 pound beauty if uve seen that movie? as in the one that was hanna’s friend’s boyfriend…kim…something lol

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