Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 12, 2008

Hangeng, Kangin, Donghae, and Shindong on Star Golden Bell

Credit: Muishie @ youtube

Muishie actually uploaded this video in October, but I never saw it because i had exams on at that time, so i’m going to do a post on it just in case you missed it too :D

First the MC asks how Kangin felt about Suju taking up a whole row (in the studio), and Kangin replied that the reason a “idol” group like Suju can still take up a whole row is because unlike other idol groups, they’re better at speaking than they are at looking good (obviously i don’t agree with that statement – I think they’re great at everything XDDD) The MC then asks him who the best speaker in Suju is and Kangin replies that it’s him (personally I think Heechul could give him a run for his money lol XD), oo and they do a really cute hand motion whenever they mention “speaking” :D

Next the MC asks Kangin about his chest hair (LOL XDXDXDXD) I’m quite surprised that Kangin has chest hair actually, in all the recent photos of him wearing really low tops he doesn’t (not that I looked or anything XP) And i agree with Kangin that chest hair doesn’t really suit Suju’s image – omg imagine if Ryewook secretly has chest hair, i think i would faint from shock XDD – and then, this was my favourite part, the MC asks Hangeng if he had seen Kangin’s chest hair before, and Kangin tells them that the first time Hangeng saw it he said “Kangin someone’s hair is stuck to your chest, take it off” ROFLOL XDXDXDXD HAAAAAAAAAAA Hannie is so squishy i love him ^^

The MC then asks Donghae about where he grew up, and his hometown’s dialect. Donghae has a conversation with another guest using the dialect, and the other guy asks Donghae why his head is “like a chicken head” XDDD (yea i don’t know why he said “chicken head”, but it’s funny) Donghae then saves numerous pigeons from dieing by being mean back to the guy (I think to tell the E.L.Fs that they’re just joking?) and  Suju does a performance.

Kangin bends over and Shindong pretends to be playing piano on his back (Hmm…not too crazy about Shindong’s pants) and then they start doing this really funny dance that ended with Donghae standing in the middle with the other boys pretending to tickle him XDD


  1. lol i watched this clip once upon a time
    i love when they play charades (?) like in the older episodes … i can never get over donghae’s “tully’s friend…u know tully? rarwwwwwh” omg so cute!!! i like died and came back to life again…and that girl that plays it is so cute…she speaks good english and can speak korean and i swear she spoke mando to hankyung’s answer (?)
    and there was this other star golden bell clip where she asks donghae about his name and hes like “err my dad and his dad chose it” or something…cute to the max!!!!! *cuddles* i love his engrish <3

  2. ahhh, i shall (re)watch this. don’t remember if i watched it or not. o_o ahhh, hehe okk!!! =] awesome.

  3. Candychu:
    OOOO i remember Donghae’s dinosaur actions *—-* he’s so cute, i keep forgetting that he’s actually older than me lol XD and lol i remember when Heechul was there and they played charades and he kept getting words like “mascara” and stuff XDDDD

    Lol yea i don’t know why i’ve never seen it; i blame exams XP

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