Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 13, 2008

HongKi on Leetuek’s Love Fighter

Credit: 水艾达 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar


View more pictures here Um…I didn’t know that celebrities went on this show. Now i must watch it (when it’s subbed) XDDD I’m not sure what episode this is from, i just found the pictures and said yay XP I don’t do much F.T.Island stalking (cause they’re all younger than me and I feel like a pedophile) but daaarrrrnnn it that boy looks good in these pictures, he looks really PRETTY *———* (except i have to ask his stylist what she’s on, because that shirt looks 20 times too big for him, he’s like DROWNING in the shirt lol XD) I’ve just watched some F.T.Island clips, and i must say that HongKi really reminds me of Kangin; I think their features are really similar… :D If you haven’t heard FTI’s music yet, then you should. I don’t listen to many Asian rock bands (i tend to listen to more western stuff when it comes to rock) but these boys are reaaaally talented, and they play their own instruments which just makes them even hotter <33333


  1. Awww, Hongki looks really pretty there. He’s been taking style tips from Eeteuk, I see… (in reference to both the shirt and the GORGEOUS hair.)

  2. HONGKI IS KANGIN + EETEUK’S LOVE CHILD. IT’S TRUE. He looks a lot like Kangin. And he DRESSES like Eeteuk. I mean, wtf pregnancy shirts :/. LOL!

    He does look really gorgeous there, though. I’m going to back away from the jailbait now … XDD!

  3. Kkaebi:

    LOOOL I TOTALLY SEE THE RESEMBLANCE – Like Kkaebi said, HongKi must’ve been taking style tips from Teuk ^^ and yes i need to keep telling myself that i’ll be stalking DBSK/Suju from jail if i keep ogling the FTI boys XDD

  4. i totally agree with the shirt thing…i dunno what their stylists are thinking 1.2 the time, but somehow they always manage to look HOT anyway…and he sings like he’s crying *_*!! what is love fighter? is it subbed in eng? [if u wanna comment me back, search ft island and i’m the one with the tye dye shirt icon :]
    thx 4 posting the adorable! pic

  5. Darialois:
    You’re welcome~
    And i’ve just commented you back on your blog :D

  6. yeah..
    u’re right…
    hongki really remind me bout kangin..
    the twin…
    he looks cute btw!!!


  7. I cant view the other pictures and wow I want to see that show and OMG he looks adorable that kinda shy smile look and BEAUTIFUL O_O hair he SO should not have cut it

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