Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 14, 2008

SuJu on Unbelievable Outing [Subbed]

Credit:  Muishie @ youtube – remember to thank her for all her hard work!

LOOOL, this show is so random XD

Ok, so at the start of the show, the MCs drive up to Suju in this little white convertible and Kangin talks to them (and the camera moves to Shindong who’s wearing the cutest pair of dork glasses ever XD) And then the funny bit starts, they have to split into teams.

The first team splitting method they try is “good looking/ugly looking” – EVERYONE moves to the “ugly looking” side (WTH?! i object) except for 2 of the MCs, and one of them tells Shindong that he needs to go to the “good looking” side, but obviously the teams are still ridiculously uneven, so they try a new way of splitting the teams…

Above 175cm/Below 175cm – This time everyone moves to the “Above 175cm” side except for two MCs and little Sungmin who btw looks really adorable in his beanie :D Kangin then mentions to Eunhyuk that he “looks like he’s floating” XD and tells him to take his shoe lifts off LOL XDDD So Sungmin lifts Eunhyuk off the ground while Kangin takes off Hyuk’s shoes and steals his shoe lifts XD So the shoe lifts are taken out, and the MC goes “Why does a building come out of the shoe” XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ROFLOL these MCs are hilarious! But the teams are still uneven, so they try another new way…

Those wearing underwear/ those who aren’t – no one moved :|  So Shindong suggests a new way

Boxers/Briefs – I think only Shindong, Yesung and Sungmin wears boxers, but then they decided to include “slim boxers” and everyone except Eunhyuk and one MC moves over to the Boxers side XDDDD But obviously the teams STILL don’t work, so Eunhyuk suggests…

With girlfriends/without girlfriends – Obviously everyone moves to “without gfs” except for 2 MCs who are married, and Kangin who tells everyone that his fans are his girlfriends (that boy is SUCH a crowd pleaser omg :D) So obviously then ALL the Suju boys have to move to the “with girlfriends” side, and the teams become uneven once again…so they come up with a new suggestion…

Those who have cheated on their gf/those who haven’t – Kangin and Shindong moves to the “cheater” side ( XDDD!!! i can’t imagine them cheating, they’re such lovely boys) and poor Eunhyuk gets SHOVED to the “cheater” side because he meet with two girls at the same time (lol, own up Hyuk, who was it XD) imo that’s not cheating but meh :D  But obviously the “non cheaters” outweigh the “cheaters” so Kangin comes up with a new suggestion…

Those who work more than four days a week/those who work less – all the Suju boys move to the “more than four days” side ;_____; they’re so busy

So in conclusion, none of their ways of splitting teams ends up working, so the PD announced that they’re going to play games and then be either split into the “superior” team or the “inferior” team XDDD

Ooo and there’s a short bit at the end of Sungmin applying make up, he looks like a PRO at applying make up (seriously he looks like he knows how to apply make up better than I do) and he ends up looking so PRETTY *——-* GAH SO UNFAIR >”<


  1. thats soo hilarous! theyre so funny XD poor eunhyukkie *lol*
    sungmin was really pretty at the end O.O (as you said -> he knows how to apply make up better than i do -> the same for me! hhaha XD~)

  2. LOL even the first few seconds are funny haha trying hard to impress suju xD
    omg it looks sooo cold…just like when dbsk were filming their purple line MV >175 cm team…im loving this guy more and more these days xD

    so does that mean eunhyuk wears briefs????
    AHAHAH Kangin has a wife hidden somewhere LOL
    lol yay! kangin is my boyfriend xDDDD … but yes such a crowd pleaser =.=”

    okay im confused does “meeting both not separately” mean literally seeing both of them at the same time same place or two-timing!? :S

    LOL i love how sungmin gets angry at ppl WHILE hes applying the make up…lol so much for not wanting to be a girl..hes so dainty!
    omg sungmin!!!!!!!!! hes so pretty…damnit…its not fair that good looking guys are good looking girls as well =.=”

  3. oh part of my comment got cut off…
    i was saying “its so cute how sungmin waddles over to the greater than 175cm team”

  4. This was sooo funny and cute!!!! :)
    The MCs and KangIn are hilarious.
    btw, ginaya has uploaded english subs for episode ten of E.H.B. :]

  5. Youjuchan:
    Sungmin is SUCH a pretty boy, he should give me one on one tuition on how to apply make up XDDDDD

    I think “meeting them both not separately” probably meant that he went somewhere with his gf and he liked another girl that was there? XD IDK and yes, good looking boys should NOT be allowed to be good looking girls as well ;___; and hehe i was going to mention Eunhyuk wearing briefs, but i thought that might be a bit stalkerish so i didn’t :D

    Thanks for telling me :D i’m writing a recap on it right now :DDDD

  6. oh so then ur calling me stalkerish!? whos the one that posted pics of their cars xP jks jks
    lol i duno i was just so proud tbhat i made an observation u didn mention ahaha
    i guess i just dug myself a hole xD

    lol i watched ep 10…i cant wait to read ur recap xP
    ill comment on that one coz i have a lot to complain about =.=” in a good sort of way…kinda =]

  7. Candychu:
    Stalker?? Moi?? *points to self* XP

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