Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 14, 2008

What happened during EHB filming breaks with DBSK

Pictures Credit: XiahSoul_CC @ Baidu DBSK Bar

Random ramblings credit: MEEEEE :D

Click here for more pictures

Obviously i have no idea what they’re talking about, so i’m just gonna make it up :D


Sungmin: “See, THIS is one move that I do to make the fangirls fall in love with me”

Jae: “mmhm…*totally uninterested and resorts to playing with his earring” XD


Donghae:”Omg, so you’re telling me that the plates of food in Japan are really THIS big?!”

Junsu: “HA, HyukJae you can’t get me now, my big bodyguard Donghae will protect me”

Eunhyuk: “XDDD you really think that Donghae can protect you? too bad he’s already on my side mwahahahaha”

Jae: ” o_O ……”


Yunho: *some video game strategy*

Junsu: *thinking* “that is SO not how you do it”

Heechul: “Shindong does this light work for my skin?”

Shindong: “Hay Hyung look, i think they’re getting ready for our lunch break”


SDY: “Heechul check out the awesome english message on the back of my jacket”

Heechul: “no no no, see with my superior English skills i can assure you that the words are definitely not English, how can it be English if it doesn’t include “yo” “check” or “baby”, that’s like 97% of the English language!”

Leeteuk & Junsu: “Let’s just smile and nod like we know what they’re talking about ^——^”


Yesung: “Jae, are the plates of food in Japan REALLY this big?! Donghae told me to ask you”

Jae: *thinking* “hmmm what moisturiser has Yesung been using….i must get some….and i also should probably tell him that he looks like a fish with that expression….naa…more fun thinking it silently in my head….butterflies fluttering in the breeze…la la la la la…….” *living up to his “Boo jae joong” name XD*

XDDD yea i’m bored, can you tell?


    hehe i checked out the link…yay! a donghae leg spreading one
    i read the review on spazzes…looks lik there wont be much donghae+changmin+kyuhyun in this ep =.=”
    and i cant believe thats it! dbsk r done with their EHB..sigh*
    okay i have to check out ur other post now ^^

  2. OMFG! That’s SOOO cute. for the first one. Sungmin and Jaejoong are actually doing Dragonball Z Fusion technique! They have a pair of earrings and they each wear an earring and do this crazy sequence of moves and end up in the mirror pose of Sungmin’s and they fuse into one being. It’s adorable because DBZ is Jaejoong (and I guess Sungmin’s?) favorite manga…!

    2nd picture: Eunhyuk imitating Heechul (yo man, my baby, my brother, yo man love you so much check it baby my man yo yeah) and doing the fist-pound while Junsu is like… “o_O remind me why we’re bffs, again?” I really want to figure out what they’re doing with their hands though… OH I KNOW! They’re talking about the crates of food that Cassiopeia sent over! Jaejoong’s all, “really, that much…ahh.. you have nice fingers, Donghae…”
    3rd pic: OMGGGG! Junsu DOES look like he’s playing a video game! Good eyes! haha.
    4th pic: what’s ironic is that I read somewhere Heechul actually studied to be an English translator in college…! Actually, I think his English is quite good, but SM’s PDs and promotional tactics force him to be a lot more ‘playful’ on camera.
    5th pic: Yesung: “No seriously. They were THIS BIG.” Donghae wasn’t kidding. THAT MANY ORANGES… ” Jaejoong *absently* “Ah yes… I see…” He does look like he’s pondering something serious though… haha.

    GAH, I LOVE THEM. They should do more things together, really, honest.

  3. Candychu:
    aww i’m glad you like my captions, THEY’RE SO RANDOM XD I just thought that it would be boring to just put pictures up, so i added a few random comments :D

    And they probably were talking about the food that the Cassiopeias sent over, coz that arm length really does look like how big the boxes of food were (the cassiopeias are so rich omg) And yes i’ve heard about Heechul doing a degree in tourism english or something at college, but lol i just wrote that cause i remembered his Full House english skills XDDD
    And they really should do something together, like ALBUM???that would make me REALLY HAPPY XD oooorrrr a set of DVDs like the AADBSK ones, with ALL EIGHTEEN!! EEEEE!!!!!!

  4. i always wanted a AASUJU hehe but i was discussing with my friend about this and i think its too hard to have a set of dvds for suju coz theyve just done too much stuff xD like i havnt even managed to watch all their shows yet xD
    maybe thats why on their repackaged album they had the whole relay interview and wat not…which i still havnt watched either xD
    lol but maybe they shud have a AADBSJ where its just a set of dvds on dbskxsuju interaction!!!

  5. lol XDD your captions are hilarious ^____^ they just brighten up my whole day after lots of work!! THANK YOU !!!!!! =^^=

  6. Candychu:
    Yea i haven’t watched all the SuJu shows either (even the subbed ones) *bad fan* XDDD and yeeeees AADBSJ sounds reaaaaally good, we should send LSM a special email and tell him lol~~

    Aww thank you~~ I feel so influential now XDDDDDDD I just wrote them randomly coz i thought just posting pictures up would be boring, and i was bored lol :DD

    Those captions were genius. Especially Heechul’s “yo!” “check!” “baby” XDDDDDDDDDD.

  8. I loooove these pictures :) Thanks for posting them! I love seeing the things that go on when the camera is turned off! Even if they are jut sitting around x]

  9. what else can i say? LMAO XD <333

  10. Spazzes:
    Lol yes Heechul’s english skills in Full House are legendary~

    You’re welcome :D and yes i want SBS to release the full 11 hours of filming that they did, i really really really want to watch that lol XD

    haha, glad you like them XDDD

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