Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 15, 2008

DBSK Arena magazine scans

Credit: 神影仙踪★允孽 @ Baidu DBSK Bar


Click here to see more~

I was planning on getting the EHB recap posted today….but argh keep getting sidetracked and it’s STILL not done, so i guess i’ll have to finish it tommorow (cause it’s nearly 3am lol) But it feels odd not posting anything today, so i thought i’d post these new pictures to make up for it :D

I love the black clothing in this photoshoot, and the only complaint that i have is that Micky needs to change his pants….oo and Jae can change his boots while he does that (they’re so much better than the ones he wore last time though)……and Changmin can undo a few button on his shirt collar…..yea that was more than one complaint, but constructive criticism is good right? *gets stabbed by hardcore DBSK fans*

(oo and Yunho still looks so pretty)


  1. I think Arena Mag went a *little* overboard on the photoshopping. Especially Junsu… and I love Micky’s outfit. Guys with scarves/ascots/cravats are *droolworthy*

  2. wow yunho looks so pretty xDD
    his jawline is SO DEFINED!!! lol xD his face is so small!!! argh
    is it just me or does every arena mag shoot practically look the same??
    or maybe they just take like 5 shoots at one time .. and slowly distribute over 5 mths xD
    or maybe ive just seen them lie on a fluffy white thing before …
    buahahaha changmin should undo more than just a few buttons

  3. Nanshi:
    I agree that they went “slightly” overboard with the photoshopping :S (Junsu looks like he’s wearing dark lipstick) and yeees Micky looks really good :DDDD

    i was thinking the same thing, i don’t know why all their photoshoots look similar ^^” But yea they have done a photoshoot on a fluffy white rug before (a nice one too ^^) i think i may still have the photos from that, i can send them to you if you want
    and lol~ you are such a perv XP (and i’m a hypocrite XDDD)

  4. you think im a perv? :O lol…come on its dbsk…its assumed ur allowed to be perverted xP
    lol its okay! i have a pic of them lying on a white rug…somewhere in my dbsk stash
    man, i really need to start putting them onto an external hardrive…or at least burn them onto discs…coz if anything happens to my computer *touchwood* i would go crazy…all those pictures ive collected over the yrs…LOL okay i sound really stalkerish so ill just shut up now xP

  5. the picture of them with the fluffy rug is<3 ahaha yeah they photoshopped it a bit TOO MUCH:P

  6. Candychu:
    Yea, i really should move my pictures onto a external too….i’m going to be so sad if they all vanish ;_____; (i have so many pictures too omg)
    But yes you did sound stalkerish with the last sentence hahahahaha XP

    I know, i don’t know why the photographers have to photoshop it =.= they’re perfect as it is lol XDDD

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