Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 16, 2008

EHB Ep.10 subbed + Recap

Video Credit: ginaya @ youtube

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

By now you’ve probably all seen this, but I was out all day yesterday (saw “27 Dresses” good movie :D) so i’ve only just watched the episode subbed, but I did promise that i would do a recap (and i kinda want to too XD) so if you don’t want to read it then just skip this post :D

Personally i found this episode wayyy more entertaining than the previous one, even before the boys came on screen i was laughing because of the commentator saying: “Masters of HB investigation team SuJu” and “wild windstorm DBSK” XDDDD IDK i just found that really funny XD

So after a short preview of the episode, the boys come on and SDY asks Yunho if they’ve watched any episodes of EHB, and Yunho replied “we saw that one where they spun around in the machine” (at this point i actually went OMG WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON! – I wonder if they watched it on youtube XD) so SDY talks to them about the first episode when they tried the chillis and Jae says that he really really likes spicy food (i’m like Siwon, i can’t STAND anything even remotely hot) So anyway, Junsu got to sample the chilli first, and he takes this teeny tiny bite, and all the guys were like “haaayyyyyy” so he eats like half the chilli, APPEARS TO BE FINE when SDY questions him…but then couldn’t get his words out correctly and goes to the side and starts dying lol XDDD

The other DBSK boys then eats it and Micky lets out this hilarious scream (it sounded like “EEENYAAAHHH”) but the other three boys showed no reaction :| and Suju goes “we look like we lied on the show” LOL XD and Jae tells SDY that using the spicy chilli in a dish would make the dish more tasty, and the camera suddenly moves to Siwon who makes one of his classic “WTH?!?!?!” expressions XD Jae then comments on how the 2nd hottest chilli has a “sweet taste” and Micky adds that it has a “fruity flavour” (yea they’re weird, i can’t even eat curry without drinking 2 gallons of water afterwards ^^”)

So then all the Suju boys gather around for a little “pep talk” (it’s so cute~ and this familiar music plays in the background but i can’t remember where it’s from…) and they came to the conclusion that the members “pretended” the chillis were hot to be polite to the producers (haha yea right) So they chose Shindong and Yesung to “represent the team” and try the chillis again. Yesung felt the hotness as soon as he bit it, but Kangin told him that he had to “endure it to get on the air” and shoves the Jalokia chilli into his mouth (LOL poor Yesung) [btw you see the camera move to Yunho who looked so adorable drinking from a carton of milk :D]

[On a totally random note, I reckon a worker should’ve stolen the bowl with the spat out chilli and sold it on Ebay, because if Justin Timberlake’s half eaten toast could sell then this should be able to go pretty fast ;) – i’m kidding, don’t go track down the bowl =.= ]

The next round of testing they did was to do with “muscle flexibility” and they had to jump and get measured on how high they jumped. But Shindong mentioned that “If you compare the height of DBSK to us, there are a few who are lacking” which is totally true because well, for one thing, none of the DBSK boys wear shoe lifts XDD (and Ryewooks seems to agree with this statement cause he claps his hands and looks all happy and smiley ^—–^) To test the jumping heights they use this special belt thing that they attach to people’s waists and apparently that tells you how high you jumped. Anyway, Yesung gets called out to do a demonstration because he has short legs, and Kangin tells everyone that Yesung actually played basketball in primary school – except Jae mentions that him and Yesung lived in the same town and yet he’s never heard of Yesung playing basketball in primary school XDDD Anyway, Yesung jumps and ends up with 81cm which is 11 cm more than the average basketball player, so he starts jumping around looking all pleased with himself, but he accidentally hurts his back LOL

Junsu goes next and gets 71cm, so of course Yesung has to start jumping everywhere again to show that he’s the Jumping Guru. After Junsu went, Eunhyuk goes and gets 66 (Jumping Guru Yesung comes out again) Jae then jumps, gets 64cm and falls over (and Teukie catches him!!) so Yesung gets the “You can’t beat the pro…you can try…but you’ll fail” expression. So then they send out Yunho, who everyone thought would be the highest because he’s tall; Yunho gets 97cm and everyone’s like :O:O:O but Sungmin points out that when Yunho jumped his shirt actually flew up so the high result isn’t actually accurate (I love how Sungmin raised his hand to speak, he’s so squishy~~) But then everyone starts saying that Yesung should go again because his 81cm could’ve been because of a random error too (Yunho goes again and gets 72cm) So Yesung goes up again, and before he jumped he sang a line from DBSK’s “Believe” and all the members were like yea yea just hurry up and jump we don’t care XDDD So Yesung jumps and only gets 63cm XD!!! Everyone starts laughing and jumping around copying Yesung (lol poor guy) But SDY gives him one more chance to redeem himself, but….this time he only gets 58cm……^^” Micky goes next and gets 81cm, and everyone’s like huh…that’s a familiar number…. o.o But someone mentions that the string was caught, so Micky goes again and gets 63cm XD so Yesung comes out and is all “everyone, i’ve just found my long lost twin!” But Micky jumps again to prove that he’s not like Yesung…(and you can hear Teuk’s high pitched laughter in the background XD) and only gets 58cm this time (just like Yesung…) so the whole room erupts in laughter and Micky’s like “nooo my life is over, i’m just like Yesung” XDDD

So then they move on to the next round. In this round they had to press a button which releases a ball from the ceiling (which is 7m from the ground), and they have to run towards the spot where the ball will drop, but the running distance is also 7m, so they have to run really fast and try to hit the ball when it falls, but the running distance will gradually increase after each round…(does that make sense?) Anyway, Yunho goes first, and easily gets to the spot and was able to catch the ball :D Yesung goes next, wanting to redeem himself after the jumping incident, and he tells everyone that he will hit the ball with his head, so he goes, and he really does hit the ball with his head (and it made a really loud THUNK noise too XD)

Ryewook goes next, and everyone’s like “if he can succeed then anyone can” XD poor wookie ^^ He runs towards the spot all serious, and determined to do well…but…NO BALL FALLS DOWN BECAUSE HE MISSED THE BUTTON XDDDDDDD So he goes again, and ended up cathing the ball pretty easily :D The running distance is then changed to 8m, and SDY does a demonstration…but ends up FALLING on to the ball XDDDD Jae goes next and hit the ball because he is hot (What kind of theory is that lol XDDD) Then it’s Shindong’s turn and he hit the ball too :D Hannie then runs and JUST misses the ball (he tells people that it’s because he’s getting old ^^” btw his hair looks nice :D ) Kibum goes and misses too, but Micky who goes after him manages to hit the ball :D Everyone else then goes and manages to hit the ball (they fast forwarded this bit, it was hard to see), but poor Wookie misses the ball by more than a meter ^^” So in the end everyone except Hannie, Kibum and Ryewook moves on to the 9m challenge.

Shindong is first to do the 9m challenge, but he just misses the the ball so he has to help all the other eliminated contestants with setting up XD Yesung goes next, but misses too, and Yunho who went after him also missed (by 5cm to be exact ;) ) Some other members then went, but they all got eliminated and joins Hannie’s setup crew :D But then it’s Jae’s turn and he hits the ball, Junsu also hit it, and so did Siwon who went after Junsu. SDY mentions that so far everyone who hit the ball was born in 1986, so Eunhyuk who was also born in 1986 goes next, and JUST manages to hit the ball with the end of his finger :D So the only people to pass this round were Junsu and Jae from DBSK and Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Donghae from Suju (They didn’t show Donghae running though >< )

Jae goes first in the 9.5m round, and SDY asks him “do you feel confident that you can pass this one” and Jae just looks at him and goes “no.” (XD!) and also mentions that back when he was on the badminton team, he didn’t study speed (um…did ANYONE study speed when they were on the badminton team???) but before he goes, SDY notices that Eunhyuk’s all tense and Eunhyuk tells him that he’s really nervous because Suju’s pride is on the line, and suddenly everything moves in slow motion and this really happy song plays in the background and i just thought it was really funny (although i think it was meant to be sweet?) So SDY asks the Suju boys if they have high expectations for Eunhyuk, and Kangin says “No.” really fast XD Anyway, Jae goes and misses the ball, but then joins Hannie’s setup crew and helped straighten out the mat :D Junsu goes next and hits the ball because he is awesome (not saying the others aren’t) Then it’s Eunhyuk’s turn, but before Eunhyuk runs, SDY asks Junsu about what kind of student Eunhyuk used to be, and Junsu replies that he tried hard and “the process was good, but the results weren’t” XDDDD But unfortunaely Eunhyuk misses and so does Donghae who went after him; which left Siwon as Suju’s last hope, and Siwon didn’t dissapoint them, he managed to KICK the ball with his foot (but landed funny, and i think he might’ve hurt himself :S)

Junsu and Siwon then moves on to the last round of 10m. Junsu goes first and succeeds :D Siwon then goes and JUST misses it by a teeny tiny bit (i think it might’ve been because of his sore ankle) but the Suju boys goes up and hugs him and it’s really nice and happy ^—-^

At the end SDY asks Yunho what it was like to work with such good friends, and Yunho replies that they didn’t expect Suju to be so good, and that they all used to hang out heaps during their training days, and it’s really nice to work together again now that both groups are really successful *——-* *melts melts melts*

And so yea…that concludes DBSK’s EHB special…..I know that it’s hard to cram 18 boys + 1 host into a 40 minute show, but i barely saw some of the Suju boys ;_____; and i wish they showed Changmin DOING something, i bet he would’ve been really good :D But those fans who are complaining about DBSK getting all the screen time should just stop, cause um, it was a DBSK EHB special, so it’s QUITE reasonable that they got lots of screen time =.=”

I can’t WAIT for the next episode; Suju + traditional outfits + archery = <3333333333333 :DDDDD I really want to see them doing archery, I once did it at camp and accidentally shot a cow…..(don’t ask lol XD)

And as usual i will do a recap for the episode AFTER it’s subbed (cause i just find that easier and less frustrating) but i don’t know, do you think there’s any point in recapping a subbed episode?


  1. i really have to complain about them not showing donghae or changmin at all.
    first lets talk about changmin. SDY already measured changmin had the longest legs but in the jumping test he kept emphasising yunho is the tallest, yunho has the longest legs…when changmin is clearly the taller one and has the longer legs! hmph then at the end of it theyre like “now that dbsk have all jumped…” and im thinking “err no..u FORGOT TO SHOW CHANGMIN’S JUMP” so that just really upset me. becoz they showed 4 of the 5 members…and the 5th just happened to be changmin. then it was the sliding test. in the shot where they have suju vs dbsk changmin’s face is right at the back and very very tiny and its the same size as kyuhyun’s (which is more appropriate since he belongs to a THIRTEEN member group as opposed to changmin who only had to share the spot wiht 4 others). anywayz in the sliding test not once did they show changmin…NOT ONCE. and donghae actually made it up to 9m but they only showed him FAILING at 9m…seriously wat is with that ?? the producers thought it was more important to show the boys fixing the sliding mat !?!?!??! ARGH.
    okay, sorry i just had to get that off my chest. i must ve sounded like a crazy, obsessive changmin/donghae fan (which i might be) but i just found it disappointing that both my favourites got hardly any air time on the show. the only thing that made me slightly happy was that i could see kyuhyun =] .. twice in the sliding test ^^ but im just angry at the producers and not at the other boys .. sorry i sound really angry ahaha LOL
    … im all good now :D
    btw i got a baidu account! hehe

  2. oh i forgot to add…i did enjoy that episode =]
    apart from all that stuff i mentioned up there ahaha … nah it was cute them fixing the mats
    hankyung “quickly”
    kangin “we have a chinese owner here”
    ahahahaa xD

  3. Candychu:
    Argh~ I know i wanted them to show Changmin, but they didn’t because they are evil =.=” And i hardly saw Kyuhyun,Donghae, Leeteuk and Heechul (i heard Teuk laugh though lol) I think they should just do a talk show of the boys sitting there and talking about random stuff lol XDDDD
    When SDY mentioned that Yunho should jump the highest because he’s the tallest i was just like…hang on….Changmin’s taller o.o silly silly

  4. LOL well they aired Leeteuk’s stupid little joke ahaha something about 9m being the same distance as seoul and some other place then the caps r like “cold~~~” ahahah i love leeteuk hes such a dork
    lol i know eh! just sit all 18 boys together … but NOT in a row bcoz the end ppl will get cut out and just give them topics to talk about.
    ahaha but it was cute how during the jump test all the suju boys were sitting while dbsk were standing there xD

  5. Candychu:
    o yea! lol..Teukie and his jokes =.=” they should do a talk show with the 18 boys, and all the boys have to say something for a certain amount of time :DDD that would be nice~~
    And yea, i noticed how the DBSK boys were standing looking all reserved, and Suju were all splayed out on the floor lol XD

  6. i really enjoyed those two episodes with DBSK ^-^ but im also sad that changmin wasnt aired the whole time (only when he was laughing which was cute though~ hehe) but they really didnt aired any activities he did T_T hope that changmin isnt sad after watching it :(
    anyway.. i really hope that they will have another project with SuJu and DBSK because its always fun to see them all together ^_^

  7. Youjuchan:
    It IS fun seeing them all together, I remember watching the making of “show me your love” and they looked like they were having so much fun :DDDD
    And yes, i hope Changmin doesn’t get offended when he watches it ;____; maybe the PDs cut him out cause his popularity in Korea isn’t as great as the other boys? (who knows WHY though, he’s so lovable~)

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