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Purple Line Lyrics Translation

Credit: delymMa @ & Nanshi for the heads up!

First Japanese lyrics, then the literal translation in English:

Edit: Want to sing along? Nanshi posted the Romanji on her blog here – Remember to leave nice comments!


Now I see this way
It’s looks like purple line
Gotta introduce myself

身動き一つ取れない 時もある

Really wanna touch myself
Right now!

[サビ #1]
Purple line let me set up my world
誰も歩いたこと無い This way
夢を抱いて 生き方を探し続けてる
自分らしく My progression
(ここで始める) 解けてみせる
情熱の Purple Line

心が制御の方に なってしまうけど

Right Now!

[サビ #2]
Purple line let me set up my world
誰も歩いたこと無い This way
希望を抱いて 未来を見つめ続けてる
願いを籠めて My Progression
(ここで始める) 解けてみせる
真実の Purple Line

進化を遂げる予感 イメージして

Yo! Check it!
失ってしまうような これの考え方
We must be lovin’ our way
Let me 強い
自分のsubjectives that you do
Keep on working like that
Only your goal 決め
All of your(our) past 飛ばせ
Show you was be tweaked

[Ohh..] In spite my black and white [Ohh yeah]
[It’s like ohh] 光と闇がsouth and north like [..take me away]
They *** got *** upon me
Everything you see on this primitive world [see primitive world]
避けて 続けてる my Soul
We got our “purple” like that
My time is still going on


now i see this way
it’s looks like purple line
gotta introduce myself

(I) can’t move even an inch
(My) body captivated by fears
there’s a time when I’m being frozen

really wanna touch myself
even though I wish for miracles
(those) miracles won’t come true if I don’t have strong heart*
right now

p/s: * “heart” here may means the belief or will to achieve your goals/aims

purple line let me set up my world
the path that nobody ever walked this way
while embracing my dreams*, i’m searching for my way
to live my on way My progression
holding this strong inclination
(here it begins) i will (solve)
the passion of Purple Line

p/s: *”dreams” here may means the strong will or desire to achieve something

when I decide to start it again*
my heart went under control*
but i won’t run away

p/s: * “start it again” here may means to start all the things from the beginning ; “my heart went under control” may means he/she still has a doubt on the things she had decides, being in unclear situation whether to go on with his/her “new” decision or just continuing the one he/she already has before.

If this is the way to lead me become a man*
Then I’m going for it in order to get over it
Right now

p/s: i used *man here instead of direct translation “mature person/growth person”.

purple line let me set up my world
the path that nobody ever walked this way
while embracing my wishes/hopes, i’m looking for my future
wishes/hopes filled My progression
(so that) I never give up I will (solve)
the truth of Purple Line

the moments at this time
I let them tick away in my heart*
I draw a time like a story*
l put (back) the higher value of (my) today than yesterday
by imagining* of i’m accomplishing (my aims)

p/s:* “imagine” here doesn’t mean “dream”, but to “set” in (your) mind the path to your success.

p/s: *”i let them tick away in my heart” means he/she precious the time he/she has now, for he/she might had waste it in the past; “i draw a time like a story” (forgive my weak English here!) here means he/she’s planning what he/she wants to do from now on.

Yo! Check it!
This kind of thought that seems to fade away
We must be lovin’ our way
We have to move forward
Let me be strong
(On) My subjectives That you do
Keep on working like that
Decides only your goal
Throw away all of your(our) past
Show you was be tweaked

[Ohh..] In spite my black and white [Ohh yeah]
[It’s like ohh] Light and shadow.. south and north like [..take me away]
They *** got *** upon me
Everything you see on this primitive world [see primitive world]
For the sake for me to go on
(Once) I keep away from it then I continue my soul
We got our “purple” like that
My time is still going on

Repeat [Chorus]


Did YOU know that they sang so many lines in english???? Cause i certainly didn’t pick it up when i heard the song XD The only English words I heard were “purple line” and Micky’s “really wanna touch myself” (and btw i still don’t get why he said that =.=)

When Nanshi first told me that they were singing “we got our [purple] like that” I was like whaaaaat?? -When i listened to it I thought they were singing “We gotta pump it like that” which still doesn’t make that much sense but still – My favourite part in the song would have to be all the “ohh”s and “oh yeah”s that Jae does XDD Least favourite would have to be the rap…everytime i hear it it makes me want to get a megaphone, go up Yunho and say “USE YOUR DIAPHRAGM!!!” – seriously i love the guy (he’s my favourite dancer, along with Donghae, Eunhyuk and Hangeng) but the producers needs to tell him to never ever ever ever sing/rap through his nose, it sounds really weird :|

On a brighter note, I LOVE THIS SONG, and the lyrics are really quite entertaining (what exactly is the meaning of “purple line”??)


  1. What’s the point of posting lyrics and then taking them down?!??!???! I have the romaji, if you want to hum along. I think I’ll post it at my blog: — instead of spamming up your comments… listing… haha. Yeah, and NO ONE will say a thing about the purple line except that the Seoul Metro line 5 (I think?) is nicknamed the “Purple Line” because it’s purple on their subway maps and stuff… it’s definitely one of their SMP songs though… the lyrics match right up with it. FINALLY: and exclusive Japanese SMP song. You have to admit: Rising Sun and O in Japanese sound reaallly weird. Oh yeah, and totally didn’t catch “My progression” anywhere in there. Ever. Only caught the occasional “purple line” and unfortunately now that we know the meaning, Micky’s “I really wanna touch myself” is hardly as amusing as it was before.

    He still needs to touch himself though. but apparently he sings that line in the car, so BLEH AVEX. Maybe their lives..?

  2. ohh, thankyou! :] i’ve always wondered what’s the meaning of the song. i thought it was gonna be a ‘ride on’ type. haha, but i like the lyrics and micky’s “really wanna touch myself” doesn’t make sense. XP ahhh. haha. :P thanks again!

    btw, i sort of, kind of, deleted my blog [contents] lol. :P i will be moving to [but i’ll set that up later] hehe.

  3. Nanshi:
    Thank you for the Romaji! will edit this with a link to your blog :D
    And i KNEW it was SMP, i thought it sounded familiar, and really different from J-pop songs. I just looked it up, and the producer is “LSM” so you’re absolutely right :D
    And yes, purple line DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, why the heck would they be singing about a SUBWAY?? I will never try to guess the mind of LSM, much too complicated XD
    On a side note, I love the eyelash curler post you did!! lol, i love makeup, and ive been trying to decide on a eyelash curler (and it was between the 2 you posted about too!) so thank you! And you mentioned the Devil wears Prada, is it really sad that i own the DVD and the book? XDDDD (i really like the clothes in it ok…) i’d love to have a full conversation with you about this now lol, leave me a comment on my new “Talk.Share” page if you ever want to discuss these sorts of things with me, coz i’d love to spazz with someone about makeup for a change XDDDDD

    You’re welcome!! :D yea i’ve always wondered about the meaning too…except now that i know…i still don’t get it XDDD
    Ooo why did you delete your blog contents? But tell me when your new blog is setup and i’ll go vist :D

  4. why does he wanna touch himself in a subway? I’m guessing its an emotional touch? lol but I’m not really sure of the overall meaning! besides that the purple line takes him to his dreams? any help?

  5. Beat me, i wanna know why he wanna touch himself too!!!
    Considering Mickey can speak English very well, I don’t think he wouldn’t know what it meant…

  6. Yeah, I’, seriously confused about Mickey! And I’ve never heard this song in Japanese, only Korean. Does it sound good?

  7. Well, I have a guessa about the “purple line” meaning… in English, the color “purple” symbolizes the royalty. Then it may be something like “royal lineage”, It makes a little of sense, but then again… this music does NOT make much sense at all xD
    Though i think “royal lineage” is plausible…

  8. I forgot where i heard this…i think it was in an interview?
    …but, you know, sometimes when you look at the horizon in the evening the skyline is colourfull –> purple
    –> So the song means they want to cross this purple (sky)line ,want to know what is behind,
    they want to check out this world that nobody has ever seen and build their own new world
    that’s why they always have to believe in themselves and make their own progression

    I really love this song
    It’s pretty deep!

    • Good interpretation…. My thoughts, exactly.!!!

  9. That does seem plausable. You know, the wanting to cross the (sky) line. But it doesn’t matter to me. I love this song. They are so HOT! Mickey’s wanting to touch himself is funny, but doesn’t make sense. And what does “Show you was be tweaked” mean anyway? It makes no sense! I always thought the guy was saying “Show you whats between?” You know? And what is the order of their sing? Their hairstyles change so often it gets confusing!

  10. I thought they were singing in Korean,that’s why I kept getting confused. I’m trying to learn Korean and I keep listening to Korean songs but now I know to only listen to that song for enjoyment.Thnx!

  11. Micky says “I really wanna touch myself”, meaning he wants to “move” himself, can be interpreted as wanting to change or to dance. Not really sure which.
    “show you was be tweaked” is an incorrect translation, it’s actually supposed to be “to show you what’s between”, so you were right. as for the singing order, i’m too lazy to write it all out, but Yunho does the rapping, and changminnie screams “right now”

  12. purple line is really a great song,its music is awsome…. but what does purple line mean???i want 2 know….

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