Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 17, 2008

DBSK members explaining what “T” stands for

Credit: kimqueen @ Baidu DBSK Bar

Have you wondered about it? I’ve just assumed that it stood for “third”, cause it’s the third album…On a recent Japanese show the DBSK boys were asked about what the “T” in their third album stood for and here are their answers :D

Junsu: “Title”

Jae: “Third”

Yunho: “Try”

Changmin: “Tohoshinki”

Micky: “Television”

without mentioning the fact that I totally have the same mind as a certain someone I have to say that Jae and Changmin gave the only logical answers…I guess Yunho’s could work, in the sense that he wants DBSK to “keep trying”, but why the heck would Junsu think that the “T” in their 3rd album stood for “Title”??? lol it doesn’t make sense… and Micky’s “Television” XDDDDDDDDD WHAT THE HECK IS HE ON?? I WANT SOME XD!!!


  1. oh damnit looks as if i was most incorrect
    i thought T stood for Trick xD
    like i even called their album “the Trick album”
    but actually i also thought T might’ve just simply stood for “tohoshinki” … oh wow and that just happened to be changmins answer! :D
    but LOL @ yoochun xD
    aww Junsu is cute…i can imagine him saying “title” with his oh so cute engrish xP

  2. LMAO I LOVE HOW THEY CAN’T EVEN AGREE ON WHAT THE “T” STANDS FOR. OH BOYS <3333. How do you expect the fangirls to figure this out? *holds head* XD!

  3. Candychu:
    Lol i’ve always thought that the “T” stood for third or Tohoshinki *proud of self* XD
    I want to hear Junsu speak more “Engrish”!! I remember an video (i think they were rehearsing Choosey Lover) and Jae told Junsu to say “Sexy baby AH” XDDDDDDDD (also in AADBSK 2 when Jae made him say “Remember” XDD)

    Lol yea you would think that the producer or whoever came up with the “T” idea told them what it stood for ^^” But personally i think i’m gonna have to go with Micky’s answer, it just fits perfectly you know? XD

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