Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Korea’s no.1 Racoon XD

Happy Birthday Kangin!


I probably should’ve used a real picture, but that picture is so cute i couldn’t resist XD

To be honest, I didn’t like Kangin until a few weeks ago. I’ve always thought that he’s a bit of a bully and kinda mean *smacks head for thinking such absurd thoughts* But with a smile like his (it lights up rooms i tell you) it’s pretty hard for anyone to not like him (except for antis of course, but we all know that they’ve got issues – if you’re a anti and this has just offended you, then may I ask you why you’re here in the first place?)

My favourite Kangin moment would have to be from when the boys went to the English Village on Full House and they “re-filmed” their “U” MV – makes me laugh every time i watch it XDDD and i also love all the talk shows that he goes on, he might exaggerate his stories from time to time, but that’s what makes a great entertainer :D

To keep from embarrassing myself, i’m not going to attempt a pic spam (i can count my Kangin pictures on one hand – actually that’s not true I probably have like, 7. – sad isn’t it =.=” ) So i’m going to direct you all to the fabulous Spazzes’ post here :D


  1. omg LOL…you didn include a single “real” picture xD
    lol it was so cute wen he requested to re-film U…and then Donghae + hankyung had their own turn haha so cute
    LMAO…beware of antis…im like worried for ur sake after reading ur post *paranoid*
    coz just today i was going through AF and i found the blog that heechul had written on his cyworld after the incident with yunho. then i read the letter that the anti’s wrote back to heechul…it almost made me cry coz they threatened to go after hankyung bcoz he was a close friend of heechul. oh gosh im getting goosebumps just thinking about it…lol…im weird xD

  2. hehe yay, saengil chukkhamnida Kangin. =] [it’s also Fany’s bday (FTTS) too haha.] i have the scene from suju’s marry u mini concert where he goes “you think i’ll get married to teukie?” haha. :D

  3. Candychu:
    Lol, i was going to use a real picture, but i went through my pictures folder and i just couldn’t resist the cartoon picture, it’s so cute!
    Thank you for finding the link with Heechul’s message to the antis!! he is so LOVABLE and SQUISHY *—-*

    I ROFL when he said that line lol XDDDD and it’s so cute how he was like “no no i’m not like that” after he said it XDDDDDDD

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