Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 17, 2008

New Anyband CF

Video Credit: Mickyholic @ Youtube

This CF is so so so so random, I hope there isn’t some deep and meaningful story behind it, because I totally didn’t get it XD I’m getting a new phone next month, and the one Junsus holding looks nice *—–* but meh, I don’t know, any suggestions?


  1. I think it just goes along with the whole “Anycall=freedom” thing because y’know… the ocean represents freedom with the waves and everything, and they used ocean because Junsu’s phone was the blue Anycall. There has to be something about the clapboard-tiling for the ocean though. It vaguely resembles these storyboard flipbooks that people use in huge audiences/performances. Y’know, it’s like everyone holds up a color placard and the placards spell or depict something… I’m thinking too much, methinks, but the Anyband motions have striking anti-socialism undertones that are fairly undeniable.

  2. Nanshi:
    ILU! you are always so observant! I just watched it and thought “huh…cardboard cut outs…random” and that was it lol XDDDD sigh, you are such a good analyser *——*

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