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DBSK’s Favourite songs from “T” – Yahoo Japan Live Talk

Credit: Yuchunsa604

The video uploader also did a summary of the interview (go leave her a comment!) so here it is (the up loader’s comments are in [ ]’s and my comments are done in pink writing):

MC: a question from satomi-san. we have a lot of questions about this, too. she says, “the new single “purple line” is out now, and a new album will be released on 1/23.”
the fans are really waiting for this. the title is “t”. how did you decide on this title?
JS: we discussed with the staff and decided on it. [lol! he said it so dryly!] there wasn’t a better title than “t”.
YH: this is our 3rd album, so we wanted to have a title with a number of meanings behind it.
JJ: so we thought about what would work, and we came up with “t”. “t” in “tohoshinki”. “top,” “third.”
JS: “title.” “trick.”
YH: “try.” (awww where’s Micky’s “Television” answer?)

YC: and since the 2nd album was “five in the black,” we wanted something simpler. so we decided on this title.
MC: anyone who hears the title, he would think, it means ____!
ALL: yeah, it’s _____! [lol!]
MC: when did you take the jacket photo? there are a lot of different photos in the cd jacket.
JS: r….rather recently. [so cute~]
CM: about 1 month ago…
MC: satomi-san asked this, too: “in the album ‘t,’ what’s your favorite song?”
JS: now, from leader YH.
YH: why from me…
YC: ok, next! / YH: ok, next, CM! [^^]
CM: for me, “clap.” [the other members do the clap part of the song. so cool!] because i think when you listen to the song, you’ll get excited, so i think if we were to perform it on the arena tour, i think it’ll be a hot stage. so i like the song. (agrees) MC: oh, it’s a song that would be exciting to perform live. next, who?
YH: me. “trick.” [YC and JJ sing the song. love it!^^] it’s a song that feels like a lot of songs are mixed together, and even if you listen to it a little, it’ll be appealing. (we think the same :D)
MC: and it’s the 1st track song. for this album, did you have some input on the order of songs? [the order to be performed live and promoted]
YC: for this album, the song order was decided by… the staff. (LOLOL so honest XD)

YH: but this 1st track, even when i listen to it, i think it would be the 1st song to be performed live.
JJ: oh, that’s next wk!
MC: oh, yeah. it’s just my guess.
YH: you have sense.^^ it’s next wk, but you have a sense about it.
MC: i think if everyone listens to it, they’ll get the same feeling, too. that “trick” might be the 1st song.
JJ: ok, hint. “trick” is…
ALL: ah!! next wk! next wk! [lol! i think it’ll be “trick,” too. but it’s just my guess, too.^^] (I think they should perform “Clap” or “Darkness Eyes” first… O.O)
MC: now, other members, what’s your favorite song on the album?
JS: for me, the song that YC and JJ wrote together, “kiss shita mama, sayonara.” [composed by YC & JJ, lyrics by YC]
YC: ah, it’s spoken. [lol! his acting is hilarious!!]
MC: ah, this song, it’s in the 2cd/2dvd version. this song is amazing!
(i cry that this song is only on the 2CD+2DVD version…..NO MONIES ;___;)
YH: this song is amazing!
MC: even from the title.
YC: “kutsushita mama.” ah, no, “kiss shita mama”. [lol! i really laugh out loud every time! “kutsushita” is “socks”! the title is “kiss shita mama, sayonara” meaning “as soon as we kissed, goodbye”]
(WHY MONIES WHY ;_________;)

– I did a post yesterday about their answer to what “T” stood for in a interview on music king; I’m glad that this time they came to the interview with an agreement on the answer lol XD –

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