Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 18, 2008

Random pictures from DBSK’s EHB filming

Picture Credit: 大宝贝波波 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar


HOW CUTE ARE THESE PICTURES!!!!!! GGAAHHHH *squeezes my dog who’s next to me* SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!! The first photo with Teuk and Donghae has to be the cutest picture EVERRRRRRRR Donghae’s smile makes me want to SQUEEZE him ^———^ He looks like such a cute little kid O.O (he’s actually older than me but ssshhhh)

And i posted the second photo cause i think they all look like primary school children sitting on the “story mat” XDDDD (GAH SIWON AND TEUKIE!!!) And it’s really funny how they’re all looking at the same thing, but Ryewooks looking at something totally different XD

And the third picture….need I say more? *——————* I want to print it out and frame it and look at it every single day XDDDD (don’t worry i’m not going to actually do that) But it’s so SWEET – like 20,000 hectares of sugar cane sweet XD (also note how cute Wookie is with his head on Hangeng’s shoulder *–*)

There are many more pictures at this link (i think you’ll need to click on it to see it bigger), i didn’t upload them all because i’ve nearly reached my upload limit =.= so go there and have a look at all the other cute pictures ^^

I find it really annoying how SBS keeps releasing these “behind the scenes” photos, they should just air the whole 11 hours of filming, that way they won’t need to make screen caps every time, and it would make a LOT of fangirls really happy :DDD


  1. omg LOL i didn notice ryeowook til u mentioned him xD too busy looking at donghaes ^_____^
    omg hes so cute!! damn u have a dog to squeeze…*looks around*…*grabs teddy and cuddles* how i wish it was donghae i could squish kekeke
    ooh that pic of siwon + jaejoong = hot!! hehe oh damn i just realised his legs r spread out…no wait that looks weird … okay maybe its some else’s leg :S
    AHAHA i just noticed in the pic with donghae+leeteuk+yunho kangin’s expression is like “i wish i could be in yunho’s position right now” AHAHA
    *scrolls back up* hehe i see kyuhyun biting his lip =P lol im assuming all those donghae pics were to make up for lack of airtime…i guess i should forgive them xP
    omg kyuhyunxchangmin pic!! *squeals* XD and i also love the leeteukxyunho pic…hehe its cute when they put the leaders together xD

  2. Candychu:
    Yup, the picture of Jae and Siwon is very nice ;)
    and LOL, i didn’t notice Kangin’s expression, but yes he does look jealous XDDD
    and the Yunho + Teuk picture is so cute!! (though i never noticed Teukie was that short XD)

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