Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 21, 2008

Fan meet promotion poster

Picture Credit: 神影仙踪★嗳噫 @ Baidu DBSK Bar


THEY LOOK SO GOOD I WANT TO STEAL IT AND BLOW IT UP 20 TIMES IT’S ORIGINAL SIZE AND HANG IT UP (preferably without the writing though…i know it’s not meant to be funny, but somehow i just seem to find the “Gymnastics Stadium” line absolutely hilarious XDDDDD)

These pictures are from an issue of S Magazine (btw when’s the next one coming out?) but i’ve never seen THESE specific pictures before, although that might be because I didn’t buy that issue XDDD

I really really really like these shots of them; Jae looks GORGEOUS and I really miss Yunho’s short hair :(

Click here to see the “passport” (invitation) that the Cassiopeias received with handwritten messages from the boys [I can’t understand what it says, but the signatures are nice too look at :D ]



  1. i have that issue of smag (nov)
    dw these pics rnt in that
    it was false advertising really…bcoz the cover was the only pic of them in that outfit + with new hairstyles. all the changmin pics were of his lion hair =.=” but im not complaining…after all all those posters that came with it r up on my wall ^^
    but yes ive been wondering about the jan smag issue too…wats wrong with sm =.=” lol they forget to release everything

  2. Candychu:
    ooo aren’t they in the issue?
    stupid LSM and his evil advertising ideas…
    they need to hurry up and release the January issue, like noooooooow~~ coz i want to see more pictures XDDD

  3. Hi ^^

    I found your blog through the dbsk tag ;D
    Wow that poster is really nice, I want one too ♥

  4. oh!! i found your blog through spazzes…. and it’s even more of all the pretty boys i like!!! THANK YOU ^________^

    i had to mention.. that changmin is pure smex in that pic!! it’s GREAT!!!

  5. CHANGMIN!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kiku8:
    Hiiii *waves*
    Yea i really really really want that poster; i would also love to see more pictures from that photo shoot, it looks niiiiiiiice

    Thanks for commenting!and you’re very welcome <333
    they all look SO HOT in that poster I LOVE IT XD

    I know….i’m not sure what he’s trying to say in the photo, but i’m loving it xP

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