Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 21, 2008

Hangeng+Zhang Li Yin full interview + Hand in hand fancam

Video credit: mizzqtpnai @ Youtube

EDIT: I’ve uploaded the mp3 of the performance here it’s pretty good quality for a fan recording :D [don’t direct link, i’m not awake enough yet to think of a threat, but you can bet that it’s really bad :D ] (credit: Heechul fans on Baidu)

OMG I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to sound mean, but I had no idea that he could sing so well!! He normally only gets one or two lines in the Suju songs, but OMG HE CAN ACTUALLY SING QUITE WELL!!!!!!!

In the interview at the start, they basically just talking about how they’re really looking forward to the olympics, and Hannie spoke about him being a torch bearer (all my crazy voting paid off! :D) and then they told everyone that ZLY’s Chinese album will be coming out in February (can’t wait, she has SUCH a good voice), and SUJU WILL BE RELEASING A CHINESE ALBUM IN MARCH THIS YEAR!!!!!!EEEE!!! i’m really excited, even if it is SJ-C who are releasing it :D [I don’t actually have a problem with SJ-C, it’s definitely going to give Suju more exposure in China, and that’s a good thing]

The performance was wonderful, their voices went together really well imo, and Hannie looked great *—–* oo and I could actually understand the english lyrics they sang!! (i think they had English, Chinese, and Korean lyrics in the song)

A SM worker left a comment on his CY saying how Hangeng was really stressed about performing with all the A-list stars in China, but he obviously had nothing to worry about because he did fabulously :DDDD



  1. OMG! I totally know what you’re saying about Hankyung’s voice not really being outstanding in SuJu. I think it’s mostly because Hankyung’s voice is really low and mellow and suited more to ballads. And his range doesn’t *quite hit* SuJu’s usual range in their songs, so his voice always sounds a little restrained and off. But this song was very slow and very ballady and JRI and HG pulled it off SOOO WELL! I’m so proud of them both; I’m like JRI’s biggest critic, but it always makes me pleased to see her slowly improve and HG really really blew me away.! I never new he had such a rich baritone (he’s not quite a tenor, a little too low for that). Jiayou to you both!


    I agree, Hankyung sang so well I was really happy and proud of him :).

  3. Nanshi:
    AREN’T THEY GREAT??? I AM SOOOOOOO PROUD OF HANNIE!! Like you said, he does always sound restrained and sometimes off in the Suju songs, so when i heard that he was going to be performing LIVE i was a bit worried for him ^^” but omg he can totally sing!! His voice is soooo smooth and GAH I LOVE IT! ZLY did a really good job too, can’t wait to her her new album :D
    When i first heard about Suju-C i was really :S about it, cause i didn’t think that Hannie was a good enough vocalist to carry the group, but I’VE TOTALLY CHANGED MY MIND :DDDDDDD

    go ahead :D i’ve just uploaded the mp3, so download it nooooow XD [oo and i need a new threat, any ideas?]
    Btw, your comments keep ending up in “spam” >.<

  4. I loved this interview! ZhangLiYin is so pretty and they sounded so good singing together! :] and I cannot wait for both chinese albums <3

  5. Nathica:
    They both look gorgeous <33333
    I’ve just uploaded the mp3, so go download :DD
    And i can’t wait for their chinese albums either!! finally, i’ll be able to understand the lyrics lol XD [except i had a hard time trying to figure out the chinese version of “U” ^^”]

  6. OHHHH!!! I’M SO EXCIETD NOW ^^!!!!!! YAY!! suju is going to have a album in chinese so I’m like screaming my head off right now, and hes going to be a torch bearer!!!! I can’t get over my excitement and he sound so STINKIN’ GOOD THERE!!!!! i hope SM will let him sing more lines…cause hes a good singer~ ^^ THANK YOUU!!! ^________^

  7. L00klikeme:
    WOOHOO!!!!! *screams with you* I’M REALLY EXCITED TOOOOO (can you tell lol)

  8. OMG OMG OMG im so excited about a million things xD i know this isnt the right post but YAY! DBSK made it to #1 on the oricon chart!!! ahahaa *happy happy* omg instead of booking the amusement park how bout take a trip to australia!!! good suggestion eh?
    anywayz…hankyung looks so good in the pic ^^…i cant really hear the song properly so i duno bout the english or his singing xD lol
    but omg im SO excited about ZLY’s chinese album…coz even tho i love her korean songs chinese is always more convenient for me ^^
    im excited about suju-C’s album BUT im hoping they wont remake too many korean songs into chinese…i want more NEW songs ^^

  9. Candychu:
    I was sooooo happy about DBSK getting #1, actually after my initial excitement i actually thought “haha, sucked in JE” lol XD
    and yes they should reward themselves with a trip to a summery place like AUSTRALIA :DDDDDD I would GLADLY be their Tour guide (although i’d probably make them more confused lol XD)
    Yea i hope Suju will release NEW songs in the new album, that would make me very happy :D
    Oo and i get what you mean about Chinese being more convenient, in my TW version repackaged album i just got, it came with the chinese lyrics, and omg, they make so much more sense lol XDDDDD

  10. Great post. Thanks for the lyrics

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