Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 22, 2008

Another Suju concert promotion picture

Picture Credit: 想嫁给赫在哒蛋 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar


Click the picture to see it bigger :D

THEY LOOK REALLY HOT OK. I’m loving the emo look that Teuk and Yesung are supporting :DDD it’s attractive.

I would like to know what Heechul and Kibum are looking at lol XD


WTH IS UP WITH DONGHAE’S HAIR!!!!!!! I’ll need to see a close up picture to officially hate it/love it, but at the moment….no love :( [in fact his hair reminds me of the ep of EHB when Leeteuk pretended to be in a 90’s boyband XD]

Btw I received my Suju Repackaged album today, and OMG the DVD that came with it is <333333333 I hope someone uploads it soon (i would if i knew how) the making of’s and relay talks are so CUUUUTE!!! The making of Marry U is gorgeous, Teuk couldn’t remember if the song was “Marry U” or “Marry Me” XDDDD and you get to see the boys wishing Donghae happy birthday (because it was his birthday the day they were filming the MV) My favourite part of their relay talks (apart from the talks themselves) is to actually watch what the other member is doing while the member in front is talking about them – and omg some of them can’t sit still lol XD

And did you know that Eunhyuk and Donghae wrote the rap part for Marry U? THEY ARE SO TALENTED :D


  1. WHY, DONGHAE, WHYYYY!! lol!

    Thanks for posting :)!

  2. hahah XD they’re really hawwttt <333
    but i had to look twice to identify yesung *lol* i somehow like heechuls haircut ^_^
    thx for sharing :D

  3. This picture is amazing. :)

  4. ahah! another promo pic…cute!!! the first one i saw was kinda plain ….ehe! but cute!!!

    the making of “marry u” mv is already uploaded onto utube…just thought i let u know….

    forgot~~ i love coming to you site!! heehe^___^

  5. Spazzes:

    Yea i couldn’t find Yesung at first XD And yes i like Heechul’s haircut too :D

    It is isn’t it *———*

    Thank you for commenting :DDDD
    and thanks for letting me know that the making of Marry U is on youtube! i’ll try find it later and link to it :D

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