Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 22, 2008

DBSK No.1 on Oricon weekly charts

YAYYYYYYY *throws a bucket of confetti in the air* THEY FINALLY GOT NO.1 ON THE ORICON WEEKLY CHART!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently this is the first time that foreign artists have got No.1 on the Oricon weekly charts (for some reason the Japanese news people don’t seem to think that BoA is foreign ^^” )

I AM SOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF THEM!! They have worked SO SO SO SO SO hard to get to this place and they deserve all this plus more :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD


DBSK HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a short 14 seconds clip here taken from the Japanese news

P.S – Junsu once said that if DBSK ever gets No.1 on the weekly charts they’ll hire an amusement park for a day and invite all their fans to spend a day with them at the amusement park…..I WANNA GO!!!!!!! is such a good day, first i see Hannie’s awesome performance in the morning, then i got my DS (i’m such a dork lol xP) then my suju repackaged CD + 2008 planner arrives, and now THIS :DDDDD




  2. WOooOOTTTT!! =D i’m so proud of them~!

  3. yayy! hehe, i saw that on soompi earlier. i was like “yayy! it’s finally confirmed” =] o0o amusemnet park for a day? i wonder if JS remembers. :[ i want to go! ;_;

  4. Koreanchocolate:

    Me toooooo ~~~~

    i want to go too ;_____;
    But lol i doubt he remembers XD

  5. i thought they were already No.1 on the oricon charts b4 .. like back in last year…or something?? when SS501 were there? but eh? what do i know-i lost track of them long ago…^___________^

  6. Kpoplover4ever:
    Nope…their Summer Dream single reached number one on the daily chart, but missed out on the weekly number one, so it’s the first time :D I think this was Jae’s new year wish too, so YAY :DDD

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