Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 23, 2008

DBSK [T] Event pictures


A LOT more pictures here [none of them are watermarked, so don’t watermark them yourself, because you didn’t take the pictures and that would be rude]

I think this was a fan meet/album promotion thing? Anyway they all look really good :D

I love the picture where they’re holding up the t-shirts, and they’re like “buy our t-shirt” ^———-^ [personally I like Junsu’s t-shirt]

Haven’t seen any fancams yet, but i’m sure they’ll be up soon (hopefully) :D

How cute do they look with their “Bigeast” blankets lol XD


  1. They look absolutely stunning as always!

  2. omg, mickey look sooo cute xD jae looks sexy as usual, they look so FRESH lol :D

  3. Nathica:
    *agrees with you* XD

    I know, their stylist should get a reward lol XDDDD (I love Jae’s outfit, SO HOOOOT)

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