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For those who likes large boybands….here’s another one


More pictures here

As you all probably know, I don’t normally post stuff that’s not Suju or DBSK (cause they release like a million things a day, so that takes up all my time XD) But there’s been a lot of discussion about this new boyband (mainly from hardcore Suju fans bashing them) so I thought that i’d post it and see what you guys think of them :D

I hope the E.L.Fs gives these boys a chance though, i’m curious to see what kind of music they’re going to release (if their songs are anything like the Wondergirls songs then =.=” ) I don’t understand why JYP can’t just split them into groups of 6 or groups of 3 or something; it took me AGES to remember all the members in Suju ^^”

Frankly i’ve never liked large groups, I didn’t like Suju at first because of that reason (i was too lazy to sit down and try to learn all their names xP) so unless these boys come out with something totally different and wow me, I don’t think i’ll be able to pay much attention (I get paid out for liking 18 boys, just think what my friends would say if i started fangirling over THIRTY)

For those who are worried about these boys taking Suju’s place, I think you should relax…Suju’s already established themselves in the Korean music industry (their concert tickets sold out in 18 minutes!!!); so please don’t bash these new boys, some of them are really little, so be nice :D [I hope the dates say “1990” instead of “1996” O.O]

They’re debuting on January 25th, and a special documentary of them will be aired on Mnet (preview it here) I don’t understand why they showed them having a shower and walking around shirtless =.=

I will never say no to more eyecandy :DDDDD

P.S: Note how i’m not calling them the next Suju…. (because Suju is truly unique…in so many ways :DDD)

*JYP….please don’t call them the “Wonder Boys”*


  1. Actually, a few days ago on Soompi, someone posted a clarification post about this. Apparently, they could be classified as trainees that are ready for debut (they did projects like some of the SNSD girls, but now are actually like ready to go out and become real idols). They are going to be in a documentary that is basically going to gauge who are the most popular of these 13 boys. Whoever are the most popular (I hope no more than 4-6, please) are going to go on to debut in a real boyband (I guess? or maybe just idol group more along the lines of SuJu?)… so no, the final “product” won’t be another 13-member group. Although it’s ironic that they have a Kim Junsu too.. hehe.

  2. Of course… they aren’t going to “say” that the documentary is to “determine” the most popular, but I think that’s the basic gist of it. Like how the most popular SuJu members ended up being on SJ Full House? Similar concept, methinks.

  3. even more ironic that that my exam is on the 25th =.=…but apart from that< seems interesting..though i do hope they would have a smaller group number..trying to remember suju’s names in a week was hard enough…and i haven’t even gotton down all of DBSK and big bang =.= most of all though< suju is unique and nothing can take their position ^_____^

  4. Nanshi:
    Interesting…it’s kinda like a popularity contest then isn’t it :S I feel sorry for the boys who wont get in :( [btw how would they know who the popular ones are? lol they should do big brother/american idol style voting XDDDDDDD]
    And i didn’t know that the members were chosen to be in Full House based on their popularity…imo all the Suju boys should’ve been on the show, that would’ve been absolutely hilarious XD
    I feel sorry for the other Kim Junsu, lots of DBSK fans are already bashing the poor guy for having the same name…he should consider a stage name…

    good luck for your exam!
    I hope that they’ll have a smaller group number too…it’s really HARD to remember names, especially when they’re wearing their (whatever song they’re promoting) outfits, and they all look really similar =.=
    imo JYP should just let the older boys debut first, and make like a 4 member group or something, and then put the younger ones out later…

  5. this is the band we were discussing about last time eh? omg u r so like me…or im so like u xD lol coz at first wen i heard about suju i was like ” =.=” omg 13 member boy band…thats so retarded as if theyd even get a line in their song blah blah blah” and id see pics of them in mags and be like “pfft they all look the same” and then it just kinda hit me a while later that suju r absolutely fantastic and talented in very different ways not to mention extremely talenting and can make me LOL over and over again about the same lame jk xD
    also bcoz im already fangirling over 18 boys i really dont have much time + energy + love left for anyone else…so i really do wonder why this group cant just split up *shakes angry fists* lol…right now they all look the same to me ahahaha…and this felt like a very pointless comment semi unrelated to the post itself…*runs off*

  6. btw the second ‘talenting’ was supposed to be entertaining…i knew id get something wrong in my post…im still overly excited about their concert promotion poster which i already spazzed about over at spazzes…i too agree on the emo yesung + leeteuk look…it suits them in a way…and they look really sexy *hohoho* (perverted laugh) LOL
    also i just read the previous comments so ignore the second half to my comment before xD
    lol im sorry i went out today and im tired so nothing im saying is making sense *goes crazy*

  7. What I meant was that generally the more popular SuJu members typically are the ones that have appeared on SJ Full House. At least in the beginning. Now they’re all pretty much equally popular, but the ones on FH got the most exposure at first, y’know? And I think it’s going to be typical Daum/Naver search-count stalking.. but who really knows? I don’t really know, but it’ll probably be easy enough to figure out once you gauge how many fancafes have opened up and how many people join them. I think Chansung is definitely going to get on there though.

  8. Nanshi:
    :O you know so much about the Korean entertainment industry :O:O:O:O i should invite you to post with me lol~~
    i’m probably more familiar with the chinese/tw and american entertainment industry, and my knowledge of the korean entertainment scene is pretty much next to nothing XD
    but hmm if they choose the members based on popularity then won’t the group just have lots of prety boys who might not necessarily have the vocal skills? cause it’s pretty hard to like someone for their “personality” if you just know it based on one documentary….
    blah, whatever, i hate popularity contests

  9. Hehe. I don’t really know *that* much. Just some of the basics. I’ve never actually been on or daum or naver… it’s just stuff I’ve picked up from stalking/loving DBSK all these years. hehe. I’ve never personally been really into JYP Entertainment, but from what I’ve heard about it, they seem to not be as “generous” in their selection process as SM Entertainment and don’t necessarily go for all-pretty faces. Some of those guys are cute, but fairly plain-looking (especially if you compare to the REALLY HOT people in SM Town) and since they are practically ready for a real debut, I’m sure that they’re all pretty vocally talented. Regardless, I’m not sure if the rumor is 100% accurate; after all, it was just a rumor… but I think it’s more likely otherwise ELF will burn down the JYP building. And in Korea…? honestly, it’s all about the personality. Otherwise, how did SuJu get so many fans during their debut even though — according to all my sources — they had a really bad debut because none of them could really sing live (except for yesung and ryeowook and probably heechul).

  10. Nanshi:
    I’m actually out atm, so i’ll do a long reply later :D, but i was just wondering, do you want to help me with Jae’s birthday post???

  11. 0o0o I would be so happy!proud to!!!!

  12. Nanshi:
    awesome :D i’ve just emailed you my email address(i can see you email address from your comments) hope you don’t mind :DDD

  13. *I CAN’T FIND YOUR EMAIL…!!!!!
    (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!) and no, it’s not marked as spam cause I checked that too…

  14. Just sent it now :D

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