Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 23, 2008

Full Purple Line Korean version mp3

Credit: denisekelly @ Baidu DBSK Bar

Click here [don’t direct link, or else i’ll tell the E.L.Fs that you’re the mastermind behind JYP’s new 12 member boyband and they’ll all come scratch your eyes out :D ]

Maybe it’s because i’m biased towards their Korean songs, but i like this version better :DDDD

I think that I always prefer them singing Korean because it’s their native language, so (imo) they put more emotion into it

And I like Yunho’s rap part wayyyyy better in this version, idk, it sounds less nasally :D

I wonder if their Korean Purple Line single will include the MV?

(does anyone else hear a small harmony section in 00:51 ? I don’t remember hearing that on the Japanese version….)


  1. Thanx for the download! I won’t direct link, ma’am!
    So don’t tell the E.L.Fs that i’m the mastermind behind JYP’s new 12 member boyband~!
    The song is very nice~! mush more passion than the japanese version~!

  2. Erisoo:
    *pats head* good girl XD
    and yep i like this version better too, because like you said, there’s more passion in this one :D

  3. hey thanks for the link ! and i wont tell anyone/direct link XD
    hrmmm . idk … i like the jap version .. but i think its because i’ve heard it soo many times . now the korean sounds different .. idk .. sounds more like a rap =/ but i love it still =]

  4. minjee4micky:
    Yea i’m used to the sound of the Japanese version too (because i’ve played it sooo many times XD) but idk, i’m biased towards their Korean songs xP (and i prefer Yunho’s rap in the Korean version too)

  5. awww…thank you! I got a headache already from the japanese version XDD they accent is kinda funny (like Jaejoong saying kokoro :D) but of course its totally cool im just madly in loooveee with the korean version <33
    I wanna open a club now by the name Purple Line *__* with purple neons ***___***

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