Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 24, 2008

Appeal+ing magazine pictures

Pictures Credit: 采花实习_bo @ Baidu JJ Bar


More pictures here

Japanese magazine names are so interesting don’t you think? XDD

I’ll get the constructive criticism out of the way first lol; ok, Junsu’s outfit looks like something my grandad would wear :| And (imo) Micky’s jacket makes him look like a 35 year old person whos in a mid-life crisis after losing all his money at the casino (wow, a picture really does speak a thousand words huh…XD) The jacket looks fine in the other shots, it’s just in that particular shot up there ^^^^

Ok now for the nice comments :D

Changmin looks FIIIIIIINE (at first i thought the black lines on his jersey was a tie) his whole outfit looks really good imo, i love it when they wear fitted stuff :D The top that Yunho has on under his sweater looks really hot, he should just ditch the sweater and wear that top by itself. And Jae….his sweater doesn’t look bad….but I know a girl with pretty much the exact same sweater…so that kinda ruins it lol XDDD Though I must say that his stylist has THE WORST taste in boots, because LOOK:


While they’re one step up from the shiny black try-hard Bikie boots that he had on in the other photoshoot…THEY STILL LOOK LIKE CLOWN BOOTS XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


  1. oOoOo they look so HOT XD
    but i agree with you on Junsu’s jacket O_o . i remember Micky had a similar one as well last time >___> they seriously dont look hot in them ..
    damn Changmin looks good, i reallly love his vest/jacket ! its so good on him =]
    and Jaejoong looks hot . except for his boots =___=
    and yunho, he looks cute here . i dont mind the jacket .. but haha does loook like a girls jacket ><

    i like their korean stylists, japans fashion/stylsits .. lets just say they’re not good .. =P

  2. minjee4micky:
    Yay, someone agrees with me about the jacket!
    I don’t get it, Japan is supposed to be on the edge of fashion, but the boys always look so… o.O in their photoshoots…maybe i’m just not “fashionable” enough to appreciate the creativity behind it XD

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