Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 24, 2008

Behind the scenes of EHB Ep.11

Pictures Credit: hyesung_恩熙 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar


“My mummy always tells me to brush my teeth after every meal…don’t think toothbrushes were around back then though, so I’ll have to make do with my trusty metal arrow” (pretty sure they weren’t invented back then either Eunhyuk =.=”)


Archery instructor Shindong: “Kangin! pay attention to how Kibum is holding his bow!”

Rookie archer Kangin *staring at Kibum*: “pffft you call that archery?!”

Kibum: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” [sshhh i’ve studied too much poetry for English]


Heechul *observing alien object* : “see boys, I told you my Mother ship would come take me back home”

Shindong: *The ice-cream (truck) carriage is coming to take me home…*

Kibum: *Heechul has interesting taste in shoes….”


Shindong: “Alright boys, tommorow we will continue with our journey to the Promised Land, but for now….let’s eat and be merry”

Kangin: “where did you get all that food?!”

Shindong: “See that hamper thing on my back? It’s really a magic pouch, I can pull anything I want out of it”

Kyuhyun, thinking: *mine keeps giving me arrows…O.O*

Heechul *hearing about the magic pouch for the first time [he was too busy practising the (ancient times version) Tell Me dance before when Shindong explained] , and pulls out the instruction manual*


Ryewook: “Hyung, hyung, look, I can imitate the sounds that birds make” “Koooo koooo kooooo”

Leeteuk: “No young one, this is the correct way” *”koos” into his hand*


Kangin : “This is for people who read and don’t comment” [xP]

…..More pictures here


  1. Love the captions. They made me laugh

  2. theyre sooo cute <33 i love the pic with Teukkie and Ryeowook *lol* really adorable XD

  3. lol your captions made my horrible day into a suju love day ^^ thank you!! ^____________^

  4. roflmao the captions are too funny XD
    funny when u said “tell me” because i’m listening to it NOW O_o lols

  5. Kpopbabo:
    Aww thank you :) I had fun capping them lol XD

    I know, Wook’s expression is GOLD XD

    I feel influential *———*

    hhahaa, nice, you should try learning the moves like Heechul XD lol~~

  6. @ last photo…


  7. Querubin:
    *pats head* good girl ;)

  8. “My mummy always tells me to brush my teeth after every meal

  9. Lol the brushing teeth caption fits Eunhyukie sooo much coz he’s always cheeky and randomly talking cock out of situations. LOL.
    His cheeky smile is one thing I’d die for! XD

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