Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 25, 2008

EHB is ending?

There’s just been a post on Naver saying that from February 10th onwards, there will be a new show in the place of EHB…if that’s true then ;______________; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE EHB ok, I even made a tag for it yesterday XD, it’s probably my favourite Korean variety show EVER. The boys are always such dorks on it, and the topics are always quite interesting, no to mention the amount of CRACK that’s on the show ;____;

WHY are they taking all the good Korean shows off the air :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( I guess the boys are going to be busy with their Tour and SJ-C stuff, but wwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy ;____;

Hopefully there will be a season 2??

If you can read Chinese, then read the translation (from here


  1. awww thats bad . i was just starting to like the show after DBSK was in it ><

  2. Minjee4Micky:
    I know, the DBSK episode earned the show quite a few fans…i’m really sad to see it go ;___;

  3. I think it’s too expensive to keep on! Their sets are all really really elaborate and expensive. Plus, there really isn’t *that much* you can do about the human body that’s also fun and amusing. I mean, last episode was kinda weird too (with the archery?) cause it didn’t have *that much* to do with the human body.

  4. thats so sad :( i like the show so much T_T one of my favorite shows now, since its so fun to watch the boys playing around :(
    and i was always excited when its sunday because of the new episodes.. and now they want to quit T_T so sad :(
    really hope that there will be another show with SuJu cause thats the only way to make my day :(
    (always watching it when im bored or smthg like that *lol*)

  5. T_T

    Is this absolutely sure? Cos I’ll be in denial until it is.

    Though if ever it really will end, I’m thinking cos they have to prep for thier Asian Concert Tour? I was actually kind of wondering how they would manage thier own individual schedules, plus the show and the concert.

    I really hope its not true T_T I mean didn’t SDY just say that there will be a change of format? Gar. I really really really love this show T_T SBS Don’t Don take it away! T_T

  6. It’s going to be on hiatus for three weeks and then it might come back. Hopefully! The fate of the show hasn’t been decided yet, though. I guess it’s to give the boys some time to rest and to prepare for their concert. BUT YEAH OMG IT BETTER COME BACK OR I WILL BE SO, SO, SO SAD :(.

  7. Nanshi:
    they DO use expensive sets, i mean the hired out a whole stadium just so they could use one little corner :| And yea, when i first started watching i was always thinking “how many episodes left before they run out of things to explore” XD

    I know what you mean, i look forward to a new ep of EHB every week, and schools nearly starting, so i’m going to NEED all the LOLs that it brings :S Hopefully it’s a false alarm…

    LOL at the “Don’t Don” take it away XDDDD
    I guess it would be really selfish to get the boys to keep filming if they’re already swamped with their other schedules and Tour rehearsals…but.but.but…i really like the show lol :D

    It better come back!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW
    dw, if it doesn’t come back then you can come write emo poetry with me LOL XDDD

  8. OHNO!!!!
    I was hoping that the show would be a little longer =/
    I really hope that it’ll go on for a few more episodes. I’m hoping at least 15 and it’s like a finale and not like they just break it off. you know?

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