Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 25, 2008

New pictures from EHB Ep.12

Pictures Credit: 拌拌小天使 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar

This episode will be aired on Sunday (27th) and there’s a preview for the episode at this youtube link


OMG THOSE SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well.. I’m glad that they’re not wearing speedos (i don’t understand the bond between asian men and lycra, it confuses me :| ) but OMG those shorts are XDDDD From the way that Kangin is flipping his shorts up, you can kinda see that they could be one of those shorts that have two sides , so one team’s wearing the shorts in reverse XD Hmm i wonder why Kyuhyun’s wearing jeans? I don’t understand why they feel compelled to wrap their towels around their heads…are they trying to look gangsta? XDDD


THEY LOOK LIKE THEY’RE DOING WATER AEROBIC!!!!!!! AAAHHAAAAHAHAHAHA (And Hangeng looks fully into it too XD ) I hope that Sungmin appears to be short because he’s crouching, and not because he took his shoelifts out xP


I think that this is the screen that the members watched them from? But omg EUNHYUK LOOKS LIKE A BLOWFISH!! XD!!!!!

[wow, there’s so many “XD”s in this post, i really should try to restrain myself from using them excessively…]


  1. waah!! cant wait to watch this <33
    thx for sharing :D
    the guys look sooo hawt though theyre wearing those shorts XD~

  2. no more dbsk and suju on ehb? ):

  3. ahaha!! they are weird looking…those shorts!! ahah! y is kyuyun wearing jeans though? kawaii desu yo!!

  4. HAHAHA those shorts XD kawaii ~!
    oh i heard from another blog that they werent wearing much make up on eiher hehehee cant wait ~

  5. Youjuchan:
    sigh…they can pull anything off :D

    Apparently the show’s going on hiatus for 3 weeks, so hopefully it will return :DDD

    Haha, Kyunhyun probably refused to wear those clown pants XD don’t blame him

    Yea i read that they’re only wearing a little bit of make up, because it all comes off in the water; but i bet that they’ll still look pretty lol ;)

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