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By now it’s probably no secret that my favourite member is Jae, he’s actually the reason i started stalking DBSK (metaphorically speaking); what can i say, he’s GORGEOUS, has a beautiful voice, and is SUCH A DORK XDDDD I love how he’s so “motherly” towards the members, but yet still gets into little kid fights with Changmin :D

I don’t normally do video links for birthday posts – because I never discovered a certain tool on youtube called “favouriting”, so basically whenever I try find videos, it takes about half an hour because I can never remember the specific one :( . But thankfully the lovely Nanshi (Thank you so much for your help ILU!) helped me out this time and provided me with some of her favourite Jae youtube links (some of the, are my favourite too ^^) and i’ve also added some extra ones that I like :D

I had actually published this post with about 20 links and comments by both Nanshi and I, but WordPress decided to give me something to do, and deleted everything on the original post except for one single letter “e” [HAAAAAAAAA XD – 100% sarcasm =.=] So what you’re reading now is what I can remember from the original post; I asked Nanshi if she could please write her comments again, so i’ll edit this post tommorow with her comments and any links that I might have missed :D

Edit: I’ve added one more link and also Nanshi’s comments (in purple writing) :DDDD (thank you again for helping me out!!)  [it also turns out that i actually remembered most of the links ^^v – i must have photographic memory XDDD]

Jae is an angel
Junsu or Yunho actually SAID that “Jaejoong is an angel” because he can move his wing bones (aka scapulas or shoulder blades) around freely.
This is from SDY’s “It’s true, it’s false” show, and in it you see Jae do this really cool thing with his shoulder blades – he makes it look like he has WINGS! I just tried that, and nearly sprained my shoulder LOL He also does this weird thing with his stomach, and makes it look like he’s 7 month pregnant ^^” Normally he has NO fat around his stomach area AT ALL. I AM SO JEALOUS. TRADE WITH ME.

My little princess
This is the song that got me into DBSK, it’s not their most well known song, but back in the day (last year) I was really bored and I typed in “TVXQ” on youtube after reading it in some magazine, and the “My little princess” MV was the first thing that came up, and what can I say, after I saw it, I was hooked :D The youtube link is actually of their performance though, because I think it really shows how far they’ve come vocally :D

Jae playing piano
I have a MAJOR soft spot for pianists (and guitarist), so I was like DYING over this video. It shows Jae playing the piano and preparing for their Rising sun concert, and the video goes for 9 minutes <3333 I love how he’s all into it even though there are people around him fiddling with his hair and his clothes XD (I AM SO JEALOUS OF THOSE TWO GIRLS)

DBSK covering HOT’s “Iyah”
I LOOOOOOOVE Jae’s Kangta solo in it. Kangta also happens to be Jae’s #1 idol…!!!! There was one promo where DBSK was sharing a stage with Kangta and Jae kept on looking over at him because he was all like !AWE! over him.
I love Jae’s solo in this too! Especially how he sings from his chair which is like 10 metres above the stage :D If I had injured myself like he did then you can bet that I would not be anywhere near a stage, i’d probably be sitting at home watching re-runs and eating junk food XD HE’S SO BRAVE!!

Jaemin “Of course” game on Xman
Classic Jae-min video. A must watch if you haven’t seen it already. I love how he forgets to say “bitter cola” instead of alcohol halfway through his attack XDDDDD

Jae getting hit by Changmin on Heroine 6
EVERYONE has seen this, this is the famous clip in which Changmin hits Jae REALLY REALLY hard on the head XDDD I’m just including it because a Jae post wouldn’t be complete without this clip :D (I also love the random proverb quoting that he does in this XDDD such a dork.)

All About Jae (from AADBSK 1)
This was shot on the set of “Beautiful Life” – which is one of my favourite DBSK songs ever. Here you see a really cute/sensitive/sweet Jae, who btw looks really good; and it just helps you get to know him a lot better (omg I sound like a stalker now)

Surprise call to suju
SO CUTE! I love it when DBSK and Suju interacts, even if it’s over the phone. Basically Jae calls into the radio show that Suju is on and pretends to be a 12/13 year old boy. My favourite part is when Kyuhyun tries to catch him out by asking him what “NaCl” is, and he’s all “er…what the heck is that?” XDDDDDD It’s also really funny when he switches to his normal voice (which is quite low) and goes “yes, hello everybody” XDDDD

Jae thinks he’s a good boy
I loooooove this video. My favourite bit was when he said “I’ll use my
Ultimate Great Hero Special Ultra Super Megaton Action Spectacular Suspenseful Thriller Roadmovie Love Romantic Adventure Real Erotic New Wave Fantasy Odyssey good boy shoot to make you go flying” and “I really liked you guys….” XDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOL!

Jae’s hidden video on AADBSK 2
This is the little hidden video that they recorded for AADBSK 2, I think you have to get to it from your computer, but I just watched it on youtube because the one on my DVD isn’t subbed…Anyway he looks MEGA CUTE here, like REALLY CUTE and squishable ^^ and when he went “don’t cheat on me or I’ll come find you wherever you are” I was like “JAE I’M CHEATING WITH SUJU, COME GET ME RIGHT NOW” XDDDD (yea I’m obsessed)

singing on xman
GAH. SO MUCH LOVE. I LOVE HIM. This is just a short clip from Xman where Jae looks really really really hot wearing these punk/emo clothes and sings a rock song that’s really different from DBSK’s normal songs. I personally prefer his voice here than the nasally voice that he sometimes uses in their Japanese songs. He also sings a trot song after the rock song, and it really shows his versatility :D

Jae getting told off by Yunho
I’m not really sure what’s going on in this video, I think Yunho tells Jae off about something after their “Hug” performance, and Jae looks so cute and sheepish, and tries to smile for the camera ^—-^

Jae likes his Helium
I don’t know why, but he has this fascination with Helium gas. There are so many videos of him sucking Helium gas lol XD anyway in this one, Yunho’s trying to talk about something, and Jae interrupts in his REALLY CUTE Helium gas-ed voice which makes him sound like a 5 year old XD

Golden fishery
TOPLESS JAE. (need I say more? xP) it’s also very very very funny, with lots of Jae-Chun, so WATCH IT!!! GO! NOW!

Dangerous love parody
Fan made video of all the classic scenes from the drama. If you haven’t seen the drama then GO WATCH IT NOOOOOWWWWW. I don’t understand why fans pair them up romantically ( *I* like him, so obviously I don’t want him to be GAY), but I do really really love how they all have such a strong friendship with each other, and this video is my FAVOURITE drama that they’ve done; I have watched this Many times; my favourite part is the end XDDD Yunho’s also really really cute in this :D

Xman couple selection
This is the clip where Jae does that “Octopus/retarded bird” move of his. And he sings. And dances. What more could you ask for? xP Ooo and to top it all off he looks absolutely gorgeous (I MISS THE PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR ;______;) I LOLed really loud when he went: “the first time I saw her……..I knew it wouldn’t be her” because the girl was all *blush….fans self* at first (MWAHAHA HE’S MINE) XDDD I am SO JEALOUS of the girl that he did the dance for, except if he did that with me then I would have been having heart palpitations on the floor, so maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t there XDDD


Ok, I have so many pictures of this guy it’s really unhealthy. I can’t help it though, everytime I see a shiny picture I just go SAAAAVE!!!!!! Except the downside to this is that it takes a VERY LONG TIME to sort through them all, so I’m just going to include a few from my collection (this is only like 1% of it lol) Most of the pictures are of Jae being weird and dorky (I have a folder labelled “Jae is a dork” XD) because while the photoshoots are hot and nice and everything, I just prefer the more “natural” shots taken in performances and from everyday life, the shots that aren’t photoshopped and edited by photographers :D So hopefully you’ll like the pic spam :D (I’ve put all the photos used in the picspam in a zip file here) [Credit to Baidu, where i steal all my pictures from :D And also Nanshi for the photo of him on the motorbike, and the photo of him wearing makeup (he looks so pretty; like a damsel in distress XDDD)] Click to see them bigger I’m going to put 22 pictures up because it’s his 22nd birthday :D (well it’s his 23rd if you’re korean, but i’m not, so i’m putting 22 pictures up XD)


9c3645f488ed1e6bddc4740f.jpg 36026ddb5e76a061d1164e39.jpgsmyajsnb7r_103.jpg28.jpgawwwwww.jpgbde983585a24c686810a186a.jpgv9f00rqenm_103.jpg2004293639646104890_rs.jpg455454lh0.pngasfonlyherojj10jv3.jpgnvho8x58ba_205.jpg100358_225383141_jqlionje.jpgf1b44b08929b0ad663d98623.jpg119556621931148900.jpg051c70222aa05bae4623e89b.jpgf60cc4d3777d363f970a16e4.jpge003950946ccfb1b649f5gaio9.jpgb3320a34ca43f946251f141b.jpg3221fac0.jpg


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAE!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to more heart spazzing over you in the future XDDD



    I wished him at soompi,tvxqsoul,forevershinki,yt,veoh EVERYWHERE LOL,
    happy birthdayyy my silly oppaaaa!!!!!!!!!
    <333333 love you foreverrr^^

  2. this is my favourite entry of yours! love the pic and video spam! love jaejoong! he’s also the reason why I love dbsk! <333

  3. It’s okaayyyy…! You got most of them and I just gave you one more. Most of my other comments aren’t really necessary. So it’s okay…! AND YES! OMGOSH JAE IN MAKEUP IS SOOOOOO HOT!

  4. OMG I LOVE THIS BIRTHDAY POST. LINKING TO IT RIGHT NOW, OKAY. You picked great videos too! And those pictures are … omg *saves*!!

  5. hahaha vid spams ! i never seen the one Jaejoong playing the piano . it was so good ^__^ made me feel so happy and peaceful in some way. hehe .


  6. Oh, and btw: I really need to know what Heroshock and Cassiopeia bought Jae for his birthday!! Micky and Junsu got such elaborate gifts… I’m sOOO curious to see what they got JJ.

  7. Happy birthday Kim Hero JaeJoong
    I love his voice so much and he is so cute..
    I like him so much…
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Abigail ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Koreanchocolate:
    LOL you sound like it’s YOUR birthday haha XD

    thank you! I was so mad with this post, cause i spent ages on it, and WordPress deleted all of it, but thank goodness i was able to remember *most* of it :D It’s probably not as good as the original, but i’m glad you like it! :DDD

    Oo i’m glad I didn’t miss too many links, thank you for putting up with it (stupid WordPress ><) I actually found another one of him with really full on makeup, so i might post that up in another post sometime :D
    I found some of the pictures of the presents fans gave him, but haven’t seen what the Cassiopeias bought him yet, i bet that it’s really big and expensive though…sigh…i wish i had fans XDDDD

    Glad you like it ^—–^ And i’m glad you don’t have some of the pictures, after i uploaded them i was like “hmm most people probably have these already….” so you telling me that you don’t have some of them makes me feel useful lol XD

    You’ve never seen the video of Jae playing piano?! Ah well, at least you’ve seen it now :D ISN’T IT SO EXTREMELY GREAT?? ;)

    Thank you for commenting ^^
    I love his voice too :D it’s so nice and smoooooth, and yes, he is incredibly cute, in so many ways :D

  9. hehe yea it was great ! i even downloaded it hehe . thank gawd for veoh XD
    oh yea . i was reading someones blog, and i saw a picture of Jaejoong .. reading manga .. and someone did an upclose view to the manga . bwahaha it had a scene where there was a girl .. kinda looked like hentai/yaoi stuff . LMAO XD

    idk how to link you .. but i’ll try LOL ..

  10. LOL i loved that surprise call…
    i think it was junsu who was like “hey donghae” or something like that and suju r like “err…come again?” ahahah and changmin was so cute ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    but yeh kyuhyun was smart to test out jaejoong xD ppl on YT were like commenting saying “wat does that have to do with anything” and stuff…but i understood wat kyuhyun was doing :D :D :D
    hehe and i love wen the boys get high on helium…lol im just picturing jaejoong sucking in helium and talking in his alien voice AHAHAHHAA

  11. Minjee4micky:
    Oo i’ve seen a photo of him reading manga before, but the picture was too small to see what he was reading =.= I’d love to see a clearer/bigger picture!!

    Lol i love how Eunhyuk was like “Junsu get off the phone” when Junsu came on XDDDD
    Yea when Kyuhyun asked Jae what “NaCl” was i was just like OOOO he’s smart :D But then Jae went “what’s that” and i was just like =.=””” even i know what it is lol XD
    There are so many clips of Jae sucking on helium, he’s like ADDICTED to the stuff lol XD

  12. hey lol even if im two years late haha can you please tell me what vid this is from? :/ the video is no longer there. thankyou ^^

    I will use my ultimate great hero ultra super-megaton action spectacular suspenseful road movie love romantic adventure real erotic new wave fantasy odyssey good boy shot to make you go flying.

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