Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 27, 2008

Changmin’s Two Hearts mp3 download

Credit: 踏网采花_雅凤 @ Baidu JJ Bar


I really like the cover, it’s reminds me of their Shine/Ride on cover where they were just sitting around talking. I like how the cover’s not all fancy and photoshopped :D It’s got a nice modern/laid back feel and it works really well imo :D

They all look reaally really good, especially Changmin, who just looks really really HOT (love his hair). Can’t believe he’s turning 20 next month! He’s all grown up now *———* [he’s actually a year older than me but ssshhhh XD]

Download it here

Not the best quality (a fan ripped it from the preview that was on the radio i think), but it’s 3:14 minutes, so you get a basic feel of the song :D

At 1:05 into the song, they used the same stuff as 3:05 into the Trick song, so I guess that explains why “Trick” sounds kinda messy, it’s made up from all 5 singles :D

Changmin’s single starts with “T” – “two hearts”, Micky’s single will start with “R”, Junsu’s will start with “I”, Yunho’s will start with “C”, and Jae’s will start with “K” – Thus making T.R.I.C.K; Pretty clever huh. [don’t know if it’s true, but it sounds real :D]

Coriohh actually has a list of artists who are also releasing singles when each of the DBSK boys release theirs, so go look at it here [and leave her a comment] – it says that Yunho will be releasing his single on the same day as a group called “Porno Graffitti” LMAO XDDDDDDDDDDDDD (i want to look them up,but i’m too scared about the results that will come up lol XD)


  1. well i read somewhere in soompi tht:
    T-two hearts(minnie)
    (correct me if im wrong, i kinda forgot lol,)
    “c” and “k” is a mystery lol. btw I LOVE THIS SONG, at last minnie has cae out of his shell, he jsut makes me drool these days 8D

  2. ops,i mean

    if you combined it, it will make a sentences lol
    two hearts runaway if..C..K…:D

  3. Koreanchocolate:
    Ooo Thanks for telling me!!
    I’ve just added that information in the new post that i just did :D thank you~
    And GAH Changmin is looking hotter and hotter every day, growing up suits him lol XDDD

  4. whoahs that sentence is so kwel, each member has a letter from TRICK .. i wonder whats the whole sentence XD
    thanks for uploading the song . ^___^
    and yes Changmin does look hot XD

    two hearts runaway if couples kiss
    yeah yeah???
    coz after couples who r in love kiss…their hearts kinda go off into their own little world…
    *fingers cross* this is wat TRICK stands for ^^

  6. Minjee4micky:
    sigh….he does look really good doesn’t he *^^*
    I wonder who thought up the sentence idea, it’s a really smart idea :D

    Lol they should hold a competition to see who gets it right, and that person can get a prize :D

  7. hi im from jordan and but i always watch u guys sooooo much fans ….all of korean actors and actercess too ….. i <3 u shinee &toshiniki…byyyyy

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