Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 27, 2008

What Jae got for his birthday

At the moment i’ve only been able to track down what some of the Korean fans and what the Chinese fans gave him, i’ll edit this post later when I find more pictures :D


More pictures here (they are so cute with the “T” on their backs :DDD)

Personally I think that the Korean fans got him a really awesome “present”, they all went down to the beach and did volunteer work for charity! I think they were cleaning up the oil spill that happened (the same one that Changmin went to with his dad) I think it’s an awesome present, because while elaborate gifts are nice to receive, this present is something that’s really really really meaningful; Jae can buy the brand name stuff himself, but he can’t really go down to the beach and help with the oil spill, so I think their gift is really awesome :D [and that’s really meaningful coming from me, cause I absolutely love my brand name stuff XDDDD]


The Chinese fans from Baidu JJ Bar got him FOOD, but not normal food; they got him HEALTHY food, like vitamin tablets, stuff that looks after your throat, tea and other stuff like that, more pictures here

I also slightly edited my Birthday post for Jae here


  1. OOHHH.
    What dedicated fans :]

  2. Wow… I really respect them totally for doing that. I know that the Elves went to help in Super Junior’s name too, and I was all… “Uhh… what about the Cassiopeians?” I’m only a little reluctant because Micky and Junsu got really elaborate gifts and I hope that Jae won’t feel left out or anything; even though I’m sure they’ll all agree that Jae did get a more “significant” gift… But I really like how this shows the more considerate (and non-crazy) side of the Cassiopeians.

  3. That’s so nice of them!! XD
    And the healthy pills/stuff!
    Finally! My sister once tempted to buy Yunho a bottle of milk thistle for his liver and we are like,”Why din anyone give them these?”
    Seriously, Korea seems to be a better place now with ‘TVXQ’, agree? XD

  4. Nathica:
    I know, they look so cute in their little outfits too, they remind me of a nice way XD

    Yay the Cassiopeias have finally showed their non crazy side :DDDD lol, they’re normally well known for being a “little dramatic” XD
    And yea, i hope Jae won’t feel left out, I haven’t seen what Micky got, but didn’t Junsu get like Gucci wallets and stuff?? I’m glad i’m not the one that had to choose, my totally shallow side would be screaming for the new D&G bag but my normal human side would want the volunteer work for charity O.O

    Yea the health food is a really nice present, cause Jae probably doesn’t have the time to personally go to health stores and buy stuff like that :D

    And i TOTALLY agree that Korea seems to be a better place because of DBSK, it’s like, when you think of a country, you always think of an attraction that goes with it; eg. America – Disney land, China – forbidden palace, HK – shopping, Japan – Hello kitty (lol), but Korea didn’t have anything that attracted me..until now, when i think of Korea and immediately think: DBSK LIVES THERE. MUST VISIT. XD

  5. whoahs the gifts are so cool . so thoughtful ^___^ and yea so not crazy like hahaha . omg i want those stickers XD i would stick them EVERYWHERE in my room XDDD though i would prefer stickers of the group =3

  6. Junsu got like $8,000(USD) worth of stuff and Micky got like $6,000 worth of stuff; they both got namebrand designer things (trust me: I would’ve KILLED for Junsu’s Gucci belt)… but Xiahsoul also got the rest of DBSK Gucci wallets too (it was actually REALLY cute; each box had a couple sticker on it so you would know who got what wallet) and they both also got these really expensive music mixers/keyboards/and recording software as well. That’s why I thought Jae might feel sad; he didn’t get real stuff, y’know? Although I’m sure he did, they just haven’t “bragged” about it yet…

  7. aww thats really sweet of the cassiopeians
    i reckon jaejoong should feel proud that they all chose to help out as a present for HIM
    if jae isnt that materialistic im sure he would be very happy + satisfied
    i think the health tablets r sweet bcoz dbsk work so hard and hardly have time to care about important things such as their health =.=”
    or maybe the cassiopeians just got poor after junsu + yoochun’s bday…and need to save up for their trick singles XD

  8. Minjee4micky:
    I like the label thing that they’re wearing around the Korean fans are wearing around their necks, i think it says “i love Tohoshinki”? it’s so cute :DD

    @#$%@#%! WTH?! $8000?!?!?! I NEED TO GO FIND SOME FANS!!!!!!!!! Where do they GET all this money :|
    And yea i’m sure that Jae got some really expensive “real” gifts too; the dedication of the Korean fans will never cease to amaze me…

    HAHAHA THAT IS SUCH A GOOD EXPLANATION!!! i would NOT be surprised if that was true XD
    sigh…i wish i had fans…. *——*

  9. Well, theoretically, if you think about it: Cassiopeia = hundreds of THOUSANDS of fans (maybe even millions). If each fan just donated $1-$5 (and I’m sure Xiahsoul and Micky’s fanclub both donated loads more)… you would definitely have enough money to support those gifts… even with shipping involved. But yeah. I need a fanclub. now.

  10. Nanshi:
    That’s it. Lets go to Korea and get us some fans XDDD (but not the crazy psychotic ones)

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