Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 28, 2008

DBSK on Hey!x3

Video Credit: berlala @ youtube

There are a bunch of screencaps here

This show is really funny (when it’s subbed).  I have no idea what they’re saying, but ah well, they all look good :D

At the start of the show the hosts pays Junsu out about his Oyagi gags, and he tells them that he wants to focus more on his “charisma” now XDDDD [i’m guessing that’s what was said, cause I heard the word “charisma”]

And then Yunho walked around with a big stick and whacked the ground with it…[i think he was imitating someone]

At the end of the clip they perform Purple Line, and you can really tell that they’ve improved ALOT since their first performance of the song, no one was off too much ^^    I hope people realise that this is actually a really difficult song to perform live, if they were doing this in Korea they would’ve probably lipsynched it. It’s HARD to sing and dance to a song that’s so physically demanding, I’m pretty sure that I would be lying on the ground dead after the first 5 seconds if I had to do  it (actually, even if I had to do the crab dance in Marry U, i would still be on the ground after 5 seconds XDDDD)

Ooo and I see the WaT boys there, not too familiar with their music, but I think one of them is really cute XDDD


  1. WHOAHS !! SUGOI !!! that was extremely good !
    their performance was incredibly better than their first time . i loved it .
    cant wait for the subs . Yunho looked so funny =]
    and gosh i’m so impressed with their japanese in this show for some reason, mainly for Changmin. =D
    i’m so proud of them hehe ^__^

  2. minjee4micky:
    They are always improving, i’m so proud *———-*
    Lol speaking of them speaking Japanese, the other day i was watching this Japanese interview of them, can’t really remember which one, but as i watched it it just hit me that they could speak Japanese [even though they’ve been speaking it since they started working in japan](^^””””) and i was like OMG THEY SPEAK JAPANESE XDDDD lol i’m so slow XD

  3. WaT! I don’t really like their music all that much, but I do know I like Eiji Wentz! :D

    ‘Crab dance in Marry U’ lmfaooooooo! Man, I miss the hardcore SuJu dances like for Don’t Don and stuff. Although the crab dance does get me every.single.time.

  4. The performance is very good~! XD
    Yunho’s rap is killing me!!! XD *melting*
    They still have space to improve and they can do better than this, No, no, i’m not complaining!!
    I’m amazed! And i know in the future they will be very great and the best!!
    “Ouch!!” ^^;;

  5. Spazzes:
    Lol, i like Teppei :) He just looks really cute XD
    I don’t listen to much J-pop besides DBSK, idk, J-pop always sounds so HAPPY O.O
    And omg “marry u” crab dance XDDDDDD I don’t know how they can keep a straight face when they do it, especially Yesung, he always looks so SERIOUS when he does it LOL

    Yep, there’s definitely room for improvement, but they did a really good job for a song that they’ve only performed….3 times? :D
    And i actually like Yunho’s rap now; but I still want him to sing the rest of the song in his normal voice =.=

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