Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 28, 2008

Heechul sings “Kissing You”

Video Credit: monmonsnow2 @ Youtube

Not really a post-worthy clip (seeing as how it’s only 58 seconds) but it’s got Heechul in it so that just makes any clip post-worthy XD

Basically Heechul tries to imitate one of the SNSD girls and sings like one line of the song; i really love his expressions when he does it omg he looks like a chipmunk at the end bit XDDDD

I can’t WAIT to see a video of him crack dancing to this song (i’m sure he’ll do it soon), imo SM should’ve just let him join in the filming of the MV, him and Donghae would’ve been able to do the lollipop dance no problem; and they would’ve looked pretty doing it too XDD

But ARGH as a result of just watching that clip 5 times too many, i have now got the song stuck in my head >____< – right, i’m gonna go put Linkin Park on and play it on repeat :D [i’m a genius xP]

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