Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 28, 2008

Preview of Suju guesting on Love Fighter

Video Credit: Junlizzy87 @ youtube

Slow news day =.=

I’m surprised that no one has subbed this show yet…well not really cause i have no desire to watch it XD – but i really want to see this episode, just because sujus guesting :D

I don’t actually know which members are going to be on it, I only saw Shindong, (and obviously Teuk); I thought I saw Yesung, but in one shot it looked like Hangeng, except it can’t be Hangeng cause it’s a Mnet program, therefore it’s Yesung :D

The lady in the preview (the one throwing stuff) looks really vicious, I hope Teukie doesn’t get on her bad side XDDD

And to make up for the lack of significant posts today, here’s a nice picture of Teuk from the episode (I think we’re up to episode 6?)



  1. why do u say it cant be hankyung coz its an mnet program? :S

  2. Candychu:
    I think that Hangeng is only allowed on specific Korean tv stations, from memory i think it’s KBS and SBS….that’s why he’s always away when suju does their promotional performances on other stations, sometimes you see him standing below the stage dancing with the members and it’s really sad ;______________;

  3. wat?? why??? does that have something to do with his visa? oh i never knew that…coz like ive seen a lot of hankyung pictures with MNET plastered over the front of his pic :S
    aww poor boy

  4. HAHA, I’m soo watching that episode! xD
    I think I saw Sungmin in the back too, when that girl was hitting poor Yesung :P ohoh, and Eunhyuk is also there! :D

    Thanks for sharing! <33

  5. Candychu:
    Yea he can’t go on MNET anymore though which is really sad ;___; The chinese fans were saying how he’s never actually got to perform “Haengbok” on tv

    Haha poor Yesung, that girl looked really MEAN
    I hope this ep will get subbed, can’t wait to watch it :D

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