Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 29, 2008

Behind the scenes of EHB Ep 12

Picture Credit: 默然96961 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar

Ok, i’ve just spent pretty much the whole day listening to brain draining uni/college course advice seminars, so these captions are probably going to be really really really dull and uninteresting, but that’s because i’m tired and bored and I have to go to school AGAIN tommorow and the day after to attend more boring talks ;_______; so yea, just look at the pretty pictures :D


Teuk: la la la~~ look at my pretty toned legs~~

Ryeowook to Eunhyuk: You think he realises that the camera’s actually on?

Eunhyuk: Yea let’s not tell him, it’s better that way


Sungmin singing joyfully: “Heads shoulders knees and toes…heads shoulders knees and toes…look Hyung, i’m really doing it!!”

Kangin looking proud: “That’s my boy ^——-^”

Ryewook confused: “Heads….heads…heads….. ;__________; ”

Eunhyuk thinking: *I should observe the attractive female instructor more closely so that I can learn…”


Kangin: “Go fetch”


The boys watching Kangin: “LOL THIS IS LIKE WATCHING BAYWATCH MINUS THE SKANKS RUNNING AROUND XDDDDD” (imagine Teuk’s high pitched laughter in the background)


Instructor Kangin: “No Hannie, you need to tild your chin to the RIGHT. The RIGHT. Sungmin, SMILE, the audience wants to see teeth. Eunhyuk, what’s with the arm, is it so difficult for you to keep it STRAIGHT. Yesung, you look like you’re preparing for take off, change it……. =.= Being an instructor is hard, but at least the girls on the side are noticing me ^—-^ (I can’t make out who the back person is)

More pictures here


  1. hahah!! Ryeowook so cute as he goes ‘head head head ;___; <333 the Pix really match the text :P heheeh
    Eeteuk so pretty <33
    And for the last pic do you mean the person behind yesung? If yes, then I think its Ryeowookie ^_^ But I’m not sure though xD~
    Thx for sharing ^_^ I love the episode <33
    The only thing i dont like was that they didnt put any famous pairing in a team :( no EunHae and no Kangteuk XD~ Reaaallyy wanna see them ‘kissing’ hihihi~

  2. “Ryewook confused: “Heads….heads…heads….. ;__________; “” <-LOL, poor Wookie! xD

  3. lol i actually think its yesung and not eunhyuk in the first pic XD
    but thank goodness leeteuk has leg hair…otherwise id be worrying about exactly how imbalanced his hormones are XD
    anywayz good work! considering uve had such a boring day :P
    first day of school was okay for me…i had 3 periods off…but omg i have school 8am on tues, thurs and friday =.=”
    kill me !!!

  4. Youjuchan:
    Really? its Ryeowook?? Lol when did he get so tall? XD
    I still haven’t seen this episode (i’m waiting for subs ^^) but it looks so gooood :DDD

    Haha, yea, i wasn’t really sure what to put for him, but his expression made it look like he was confused, so yea :D

    LOL yea i was like OMG TEUK HAS LEG HAIR :O:O:O lol, omg imagine if he grew a moustache o.O
    Sigh…sucks that you have school so early in the morning (i personally am NOT a morning person) but look at it this way, you’ve only got…9(?) more months to go!! Hwaiting!!!

  5. ahah! kawaii! i like the lil captions u put there…eek!

  6. kpoplover4ever:
    Thanks :DDD they’re probably not very creative cause i was really tired that day, but i’m glad you like them :D

  7. leeteuk oppa is the best.leeteuk oppa is my angel for me.

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