Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 29, 2008

Heechul “8 vs. 1” Ep 2 screen caps

Picture Credit: SJ亲⑩分队の朦 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar


More here

Not sure why he’s eating a blanket…but that jersey looks pretty on him ^—–^

Still haven’t seen a english subbed version of this show, but I hope it gets subbed soon, cause it looks like Heechul’s going to be a regular…(and i really want to find out why he’s eating that blanket XD)

On a random note, I really miss his orange hair ;____;


  1. Haha, actually he was drooling again (he seems to drool a lot? XD) so he was wiping it off on the blanket! LOL :P

    I miss his orange hair too T_T

  2. Queensagara:
    LOL he was drooling??? why????
    He is so special i love him <33333
    And yes, I loved his orange hair :( His hair in this episode reminds me of his Full House hair, which I did not love :S

  3. lol, you can often see him drool when he laughs a lot xD Like when he was the MC on Inkigayo last Sunday I noticed that he wiped it off on the female MC’s shoulder. LOL
    He sure is very special ;P

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