Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 29, 2008

Piano versions of DBSK songs

Quite a while ago I uploaded the piano version of DBSK’s Rising Sun in this post, and Minjee4micky asked me in one of her comments if I had the piano version of any other DBSK songs, so i thought i’d just upload my little collection, and whoever wants it can download it :D

I have piano versions for the following songs:


My Desitny


Rising Sun

You’re my miracle


Choosey Lover (New Age Piano version)

Beautiful Thing

I’ve put them all in a zip file here

Some of them are played by fans, by it’s still pretty good quality. I think my favourite one is Beautiful Thing…or maybe You’re my miracle….XD too hard to choose, they all sound really nice~ I can play Magic Castle, but i haven’t been able to find a proper piano recording for it…

I’m not really sure who to credit, cause I found these files from all over the place and i really can’t quite remember… ^^” But if you made one of these recordings then please let me know and i’ll credit you properly :D


    i feel so special teehehehee
    thankyou so much for uploading these. they are so good XD i really love “You’re My Miracle” and “Beautiful life” . they make my heart go all mushy xP

  2. i never knew “O” could be played on the piano … O_O
    the whole time im like “crap that song sounds familiar…wat is it” and then i realised XD
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Minjee4micky:
    Np, thanks for reading and commenting :D
    I really really love the “you’re my miracle” one, i wish i had the music for that ;___;

    Yea imo “O” would sound better on electric guitar lol XD

  4. Thank you…I am curious to see what ‘O’ sounds like on Piano, as well as Rising Sun…and who can forget Choosey Lover LoL. Anyhow, I know my friend will love these songs…so thank you for posting them.


  5. Apopbabo:
    Thank you for commenting!
    “O” sounds….interesting on piano lol XD I think i’m just not used to the tempo…. I like the piano version of Choosey Lover though, i think it sounds nice ^^

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