Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 30, 2008

Cute picture of Junsu,Yunho and Jae from a Japanese radio show

Picture Credit: 神影仙踪★允孽 @ Baidu DBSK Bar


Don’t you find that picture REALLY CUTE?? ^—————–^

I think this was taken on a radio program that they went on yesterday…

Yea there’s no news, Sujus too busy getting ready for their concert, and DBSK is doing…something that doesn’t involve pictures being taken? Yea i’m just whining cause i’ve got nothing to post XDDD

But omg, i just got Leehom’s “Heros of Earth” live concert DVD and EEEEEEEE I LOOOOVE HIM <3333 IDK I really want to do a music post on him, but….is there any point? cause it seems that EVERYONE already knows him…which is a good thing i guess, but it doesn’t leave me any opportunities to be influential XD



    yea i dont think DBSK have anything to do until the 5th for Changmin, thats when his modelling for a magazine .. i guess they’re just promoting around now

  2. I think this is a pic from the weekly radio show they have. Three of them usually host. It is called Bigeaststation.

  3. they have a radio station ?!?!
    *shattered* awwwwwwwwwww i wish i was in JAPAN !!! i would listen to their voices every time and tape it and rewind it ! OMG whys ?!?! so unfair T___T are there podcasts ? LOL ><

  4. Minjee4micky:
    I can’t wait to see the magazine pictures :DDD
    Apparently Changmin and Jae will be modelling in a magazine together? can’t wait ^^

    Ooo this is from Bigeaststation? I’ve read some translations from their shows, and omg so funny, especially the personality tests that they do XD

    I found a podcast for Suju’s KTR, but that was kinda pointless cause i couldn’t understand anything ^^”
    I’m really starting to regret dropping Japanese now… ;___;

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