Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 30, 2008

Pictures from “Make on the holiday”

Picture Credit: 踏网采花_嘉嘉 @ Baidu JJ Bar


How cute do they look all doing the “T” sign *—-* (especially Junsu, who seems to have missed his palm XDDD)

Haven’t seen any youtube links for this show yet, but considering how efficient DBSK fans are, i’m sure the links will be up soon :D

These pictures are from DBSK’s taking of “Make on the holiday, if you look at the rest of the pictures here you’ll see that they actually filmed this outside in front of what looks to be a few hundred excited fans :D (sigh…wish i was there..)

I really like what Jae and Changmin are wearing; I know this isn’t the show’s fault, but i wish the boys could ALL sit on the couch, cause Micky and Changmin sitting by themselves on the stools seems kinda….random, like they just happened to be walking by and decided to join the filming :|


  1. part 1-
    part 2-

    there you go, she uploaded it like a few hours after the show is aired lol xD shes an angel, hahah, theres a translation at soompi, well not all. i’ll search it for you later lol xD

  2. found it! xD and it was NOT easy:P

    starting 2.15 (part 2)
    Q: Happy Bday JJ! what do you want to say to the other members?

    JJ: I got a lot of bday presents in another program … it’s YH, CM,YC’s bdays coming soon~~ so… let’s just stop BDAYS!

    MC: THAT’s what u wanna say? saying that bdays are bad?

    JJ: well coming up so many bdays.. so much pressure to give presents…

    JS: I didn’t say it before but ONLY JJ…
    [HAHA JJ covers his mouth}
    I still haven’t got a pres from him!

    JJ: NO! I GOT him a present … ok ok … I’ll give it to u~

    JS: because it got out so ur giving it to me now?

    JJ: it’s not like that~~ actually, I got it yesterday in Osaka.. it’s a REALLY expensive pair of glasses…50K yen’s pair (WAO).. so then I’m thinkin should i give them to him? or…

    MC: or should u not EH?

    JJ: well cuz it’s EXPENSIVE!

    JS: it’s expensive so rather than givin it you are keeping it?

    MC: so it’s so $$ so you’re thinkin twice eh?

    JJ: no! not that! it’s just that if i give Junsu a 50K pres then the other members would expect a 50K one too!

    JS: i don’t mind if a present is expensive or cheap!

    JJ: NO!! you DO mind!

    JS: no! I said in Nagoya last time.. I don’t mind what present.. even if it’s just a letter you write is good~

    MC: the heart is more important eh?

    JS: I said that, right?

    JJ: ?? When?? [haha so cute](summary cred to luluchan)

  3. hey i’ve seen a clip of this show already .. lols thought you would have too .. well heres the link to the show .. idk how to hyper link .. or whatever ><
    this is part one .. theres no subs .. T___T

    and part 2 would be in the related videos ..

    and ummm .. theres no hyper link where you said “here” to see more pictures of DBSK :3

  4. Koreanchocolate:
    I’ll edit this post right now and put that summary in, thanks for finding it for me!!!

    Ooops…haha, i fixed it now :D
    thanks for the link, but i don’t think i’ll watch it…cause there aren’t any subs XD
    I’ve been really really busy with school stuff recently, so that’s cut back my boyband stalking ;______;

  5. changmin + yoochun r always sitting by themselves =[ … its coz im secretly sitting with him … hohohoho
    aww poor u (and me) busy with school work …
    *hi5* we’re in the same boat *hangs head* (not coz we’re in the same boat XD but coz fangirling is more preferable than school work)

  6. Candychu:
    Haha yep, you’re the one that’s sitting next to Changmin underneath an invisibility cloak XD
    fangirling is WAYYYY more preferable than school work, you know i just organised my timetable and i have to go into school EVERY SINGLE DAY, and once a week i have to stay there from 9-5 ;____; it’s like a full time job lol XD

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