Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 30, 2008

SM’s new female artist

Picture Credit: 守沪神祈★在静 @ Baidu DBSK Bar


Basic info

Name: Lee YoungHey (이영혜)

DOB: 1991 . 01. 29

Height: 176cm

Weight: 41kg

Blood type: B

Hobbies: Travelling, sleeping

Good at: Dancing, vocal performance

Winner of 2003 SM Best competition – “Best Face”

Don’t know when she’s going to release anything, but i’m really quite eager to see what she’s like, because no offence to SM, but they haven’t really produced any female artists (except CSJH) who have “wow”ed me with their vocal talents so to speak [I’m going to wait for ZLY’s Chinese album to make a conclusion]. “Sofye” looks really MATURE though, like i’m a few years older than her, but she looks like she could be my older sister =.=

[Maybe this is just my inner jealous fangirl coming out, but does her height and her weight seem kinda…outta proportion…?]

Edit: Apparently this is “old news”, but it’s only just been posted on the Baidu DBSK bar, and i’ve never seen it, so whatever, i’m posting it xP


  1. wow . her birthday was just yesturday . so Happy Birthday to “Sofye” .. she’s umm what 17 ? wow .. i agree, she does look older for her age .. and yes her height/weight is odd O_O . but maybe because i’m jealous .. lols .. cant wait to see what she’s got

  2. Minjee4micky:
    Ooo you’re fast! i only just posted it lol XD
    Hay yea her b-day was yesterday…LOL shows how observant i am XDDDD
    her height/weight is REALLY WEIRD, i’m 169cm, and a bit heavier than her, and i get told that i’m “not healthy”, so being taller and skinnier than me, she must be REALLY UNHEALTHY lol :P

  3. LOl yea i saw that it was just a new post, like a minute when i read it . hahaha.
    whoahs your also taller than me .. *goes to the corner and cries* i’m only 160cm … and i’m 19 .. and yea . i’m unfit XDD
    but yea, she must be really unhealthy .. or probably because SM starved her to death =/

  4. err…wat was her profile doing in the DBSK bar?
    *eye twitches*
    HER PROFILE IS FAKE…lol jks…im just jealous coz shes taller than me and lighter than me…hmph*
    *shakes angry fists*
    lol…i wonder wat SM will have in store for her (-.-)

  5. Minjee4micky:
    Ooo you’re 19? I’m 18 lol hiiiii *waves* XD
    I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s either anorexic (hopefully not), or the information is inaccurate, because her BMI is like wayyyy too low for her to still be classified as “healthy”

    No idea why her profile was in the DBSK bar, but she’s gotten her fair share of abuse from the fans there [mostly to do with her “best face” title]
    I’m eager to see what kinda of “talent” she has though, and how SM will promote her (eg. which pre-existing group they’ll use to help her – hopefully not SuJu again =.= )

  6. Everyone can rest easy. This is just a rumor!! She is actually a gmarket model (gmarket is this online Korean bazaar that sells a lot of really cute/cheap clothes, accessories, and other beauty things). There has been no official release of this from any SM sources and it has only appeared on Baidu bar, not even Korean blogs/newssites have reported this. So in conclusion: it’s fake…! It might have been created for a Chinese fanfiction or something like that… and some crazy people just took it and ran..!

  7. OMG SERIOUS ? -_____________-
    mmkays …. no need to expect anything new from SM then . thanks ~

  8. Nanshi:
    It’s fake? WHEW lol
    I wonder what SM will come up with this year….

    Oh don’t worry, i’m sure LSM has something else up his sleeve….

  9. that’s ure if fast..
    First was SHInee 2008
    then this Younghey and Trax (new member) guy trainess from HAHA campaign

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