Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 31, 2008

Lina in February issue of Allure magazine

Picture Credit: shapley水の園 @ Baidu CSJH Bar


[“Dreams Come True” is playing in the background as I write this XD ]

I know I havent mentioned these girls much on this blog, but I ADORE them, they’re one of the few female artists that are on my iTunes (idk, most female voices irks me) and Lina looks so PRETTY here, i just had to post this :D

To my knowledge this magazine isn’t out yet, so i’m expecting more pretty pictures when it officially hits the stands, but for now, there are 2 more pictures here

Linas my favourite girl in CSJH, imo she has the whole package, the looks, the voice, the stage presence, EVERYTHING *———–* These girls deserve WAY more love than they’re currently getting, I blame it on LSM and his misuse of finance on bubblegum pop xP

The strange thing is, just yesterday I wrote something to Nanshi about CSJH and voila, today i find these pictures on Baidu :D [Note to Nanshi: let’s discuss $100 notes next time k? XDDDD]


  1. shes soooooooo pretty O_O
    and i agree…CSJH are so underrated
    i hate the way ppl describe them as the group of “leftovers” that LSM just put together … theyre the only female kpop artists i have on my mp3 XD (oh and zhang li yin of course :P)
    they have such beautiful voices yet theyre always over looked 7.7
    i too blame LSM .. he needs to rework his marketing strategies

  2. imo, I think Lina would’ve done a much better job with “Timeless,” (at least live) than ZLY did. Her voice is sOOOO rich and so strong. And she doesn’t get crazy stage fright the way someone else does (*cough*JRI*cough*). Plus, she’s drop-dead gorgeous. SOOO HOT. If she wasn’t such a sweet/dorky girl, I’d probably be super jealous. At the MKMF “Girl Battle” (with Kara, Wondergirls, Black Pearl, and SNSD), a lot of people were complaining cause CSJH didn’t compete/perform. My reasoning was: CSJH would’ve PWNED them all, no questions. So obviously it would’ve been a bad marketing choice.

  3. Candychu:
    they are TOTALLY underrated, i don’t understand SM’s priorities maybe he promotes bubblegum pop so much because that’s the only way it will sell xP

    Yea, while I don’t see anything wrong with having a introverted personality, there’s a time and a place, and when you’re on stage, that’s when you have to force yourself to become a extrovert, otherwise your lack of stage presence would wreck even the most beautiful songs
    I was wondering about why CSJH didn’t do the “girl battle” but what you said totally makes sense, the other girl groups might as well just disband if CSJH competed (in my horribly biased opinion)

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