Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 31, 2008

Siwon’s EVISU photoshoot

Video Credit: sj07vn @ Youtube

I think he’s advertising jeans…..

IDK, it’s a hot photoshoot…but….I don’t think the image “suits” him :S I normally like emo fringes (when they’re not dyed artificial black and greasy) but..but..but….Siwon doesn’t look like Siwon with the emo fringe and fake tattoos (if that makes sense) When he was talking to the camera in the blue t-shirt looking all smiley I was like : AWWW my Siwonnies back ^————-^

Don’t get me wrong, i think he looks totally drool-worthy, and he could take the place of any super model, I just think that they should’ve used a different idea for the photoshoot :D Nothing wrong with constructive criticism

On a random note, i was actually watching America’s Next Top Model when I wrote this, which was really coincidental because Siwons modelling in the video XDDDDDD


  1. omg i want to watch this clip but its not even loading *squeals*
    ooh is this similar to the “grunge” photoshoot that dbsk did for vogue? coz that was so hot
    my fav was the equestrian thing…id so ride away on a horse with them ^^
    omg i still have to wait 4 more days…thats almost another week XD argh…
    if only they could be more considerate of me and stop working for a wk XD

  2. oh no wait i scrolled up and the actual video is there and im not gonna lie and say OMG SIWON LOOKS HOT…coz that frame thats on the video right now is … making me LOL AHAHAHAHHAA
    omg he looks so funny XDDDD … its not siwon … its the quality of the vid … and his hair omg lol this is so gonna be the first vid i watch as soon as im uncapped … and fingers cross EHB wont be out by then coz i dont want to miss out on all the spazzing =[

  3. whoahs Siwon is so HOT ! i actually didnt mind the emo fringe look. His eyes were so intense with the other hairstyle . or maybe it was the makeup =/ and yes they used him to advertise jeans.

  4. Candychu:
    He DOES look hot doesn’t he *—-* but idk i still don’t think he suits grunge…not that kinda grunge anyway XD Oo and Jae’s blonde/black hair looked really hot in the vogue photoshoot :DDD
    I’m looking forward to doing a spazz post with you on EHB ep.12!!!!!

    OOO yea i thought it was a jeans ad, i can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures from the advertisement :D
    I watched the Thai ad that he did on youtube and omg LOL i found it SO FUNNY XDDD

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