Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 31, 2008

“T” off shot movie

Video Credit: Yuulina33 @ Youtube

Yes i’m aware that this came out 3 days ago, but I’ve been quite busy recently, so I haven’t much time to stalk youtube ><  Thankfully Minjee4micky told me it was out and gave me the link, so I was able to see it YAY :D (thank you dear <3333)

It’s not subbed yet, so I have no idea what they’re saying (WHY did I choose to major in French ;_________; )

My favourite bits from the video is when Jae tapped the big “T” and when he was trying to unscrew the lightbulb XDDD  Also when Micky and Yunho shook hands, because that was really cute ^—-^ And omg Changmin looks really good in this, when they were shooting in the weird car park thing, he looked like a MODEL, and when he was wearing glasses at the end <333333

At the end they talked about their favourite songs from the album (i think)

Yunho’s favourite song is “Forever Love”, Changmin – “Trick, Jae – “No”, Micky – “Rainbow”, Junsu – “Darkness Eyes”

I haven’t really listened to their new songs yet (just some previews) because i’m still waiting (patiently) for my album to come :D But if you had to choose a favourite song from the album, what would it be?


  1. Darkness Eyes.
    Love this song. I have it on constant play. The second one i would pick is on the 2nd disc: Kiss. It is soooo sad. I cried the first time i head it. it is even sadder when you read all of the lyrics. Yunho sounds like he is crying when he sings his part…… OK maybe Kiss is my fav but Darkness Eyes is my fav on disc 1.

  2. darkness eyes too! though I don’t think I’m in a position to judge yet cos I havent heard all the songs! but I’m with junsu and kpopbabo! :D

  3. Kpopbabo:
    Darkness Eyes? Me too!! (i think, i haven’t heard the whole song yet ^^”) but Kiss is definitely really high up on my list, i especially love the strings section in it, SO MUCH LOVE

    I’ve heard snippets of their new songs, cause i don’t want to listen to it properly till i get my CD :DDD

  4. LOVE.IN.THE.ICE. But I don’t know if that’s new cause they released it as a single over last summer … =( But it may singularly be my favorite THSK (or maybe even TVXQ?!?!?) song in general. that and “Kotoba wa Iranai” which is just bundles of awesomeness. “Darkness Eyes” follow a very very very close second… I can see why Junsu likes it (he features very prominently in that song). And I LOOOOOOVE the intro to “Kiss Shita…” keredo… It still sounds a bit choppy to me. That may be one piece that has to grow on me.

    Like I listened to “Evergreen” and after listening to it for awhile, I realized that it doesn’t sound very “unified.” it’s a great piece, but it leaves a lot of “open” endings, if that makes sense for a piece of music. I don’t know if Micky intentionally composed it that way — he likes to leave a strong melancholic hint in almost all his songs — or if it just ended up being produced and finalized that way. I realized in “Evergreen” that DBSK as a whole did not sing together. It was just basically a composite of all their solo voices… with maybe vague vocalizations done by one or two other members… It has a vaguely rushed feeling in its composition and recording. Like they were only in Korea for a like two days and had to get the rehearsing (for Evergreen and the other SM Town song), recording, video-shooting, and various other activities done before they had to go back to Japan. Understandable, of course… Still though, the usual “care” that shows up in DBSK’s songs wasn’t really there. I suppose Micky didn’t have time to come up with harmonizations, or they were just so busy that there wasn’t time for them to get together and harmonize. T_T pity.

  5. i cant really choose yet coz like you, ive only listend to the previews (i dont want the album to be “spoilt” until i get it…) andi also have to make it worth the money XP still unsure wat version the cd shop has ordered for me … ahaha
    but i think il be getting purple line this sunday!
    i think “kiss shita…” would be high up there coz its one of the songs i listen to to fall asleep to … (and i think i said to too many times XD) but i love purple line too XD like the only bad thing i can say about it is that the song isnt long enough :S .. like wen i hear yunho’s rap i think ‘damn its almost ending’ darkness eyes is another hot song and i listened to all of NO coz i went on some blog and it was playing there…so i really cant come up with a favourite (and this is only among the new songs ahaha) XD
    but i think thisa lbum will be even better than FITB and that album was pretty awesome (apart from HIGH TIME..that song gives me a headache XD) i guess together will be the high time of T haha

  6. Nanshi:
    Love in the ice??? I love that song too, it’s so beautiful, i loved their “Summer Dream” single, imo it’s their best Japanese single that they’ve released so far (in regards to the song choice and no. of songs)
    I agree 100% with your thoughts on Evergreen, while i think that it’s a really good song (i love all the songs that Mickys composed)it just feels “incomplete”? IDK, my favourite part of “holding back the tears” (his other song) is the harmonisation that they do (it’s so beautiful omg) They all sound really good in the song (especially Junsu, imo he can do no wrong in terms of vocals), but like you, i just wish that they sung TOGETHER for like the chorus or something :S Maybe they can record this again when they put out their 4th Korean album? (hay a girl can dream)

    *hi5*s, i don’t want to spoil the album either XD Like with Suju’s 2nd album, i downloaded everything before my album came, so as a result of that i’ve only listened to the whole cd like once, which is kinda a waste of money ^^” But GAH Yesasia just went me an email saying that my cd won’t be shipped out till the 16th of February ;_____;
    “High Time”? pleased to say that i’ve never heard it XDDDDD If it’s as bad as Together then i definitely don’t WANT to hear it lol..
    I didn’t know then when they put out their “FITB” album, so i’ve only heard a few songs on there, but i know that i don’t like “Dead End” =.= I loved the performance they did of it on their Tour…but the song…. =.=”

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