Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 1, 2008

Pictures from Suju guesting on LF

Pictures credit: Baidu Super Junior Bar, Park Jungsoo Bar, Lee Sungmin Bar


ONLY Sungmin is able to maintain a look of innocence while holding a lethal weapon in his hand..(actually maybe Ryeowook can too, the thought of little Wookie holding any sort of weapon makes me LOL XDDD)


Lol…no idea what Teuks doing, I think he was emptying a waste basket in an attempt to create a “snowing” effect?? lol no idea, but the back of his jeans look like my new Guess jeans, we are so the same *——–*    And Sungmin looks really happy with his big sword (he’s not even paying attention to Teuk dumping paper on himself :O:O:O)


Warm up exercise before handling lethal weapons??

More pictures from the show here

This episode was aired in Korea yesterday, can’t wait to watch it (subbed!) on youtube :DDD [btw, how cute is the little monster image on Teuk’s top, i think it’s the same as the one on DBSK’s tops when they were on EHB]


  1. sungmin with a lethal weapon…..
    that’s too freakin’ cute.>///<
    wookie with lethal weapon…..
    i’m going to another room now.
    i wanna watch nowwwww!!!

  2. OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why must sungmin kill me with that face????
    but omg the pics have been kinda compressed right? and so the pics of sungmin actually look like Kangin during “twins (knock out)” days ^^ very handsome~
    LOL @ leeteuk XD hehe *must go through rest of the pics*
    ooh i wonder wat brand that is … coz i really wanted those dbsk shirts … and now leeteuk is wearing a jacket with it hehe tis v cute
    (yay eunhyuk is there ^^)

  3. Cholalola16
    He looks ADORABLE!!!!

    Yea i had to make that picture smaller, the columns of this layout are so small that if i didn’t minimize it Yesung would’ve been cut off completely =.=
    And yes i want Teuk’s jacket/DBSK’s top, because that black monster thingy is SO CUTE ^——–^

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