Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 1, 2008

What DBSK does on their days off

Video and translation credit: berthillon88 @ Youtube


The boys were asked what do they do on their OFF days.
Yunho : watch movies on DVDs
Changmin : practicing guitar
Jaejoong : researching what to cook for the rest for dinner
(noises of disbelief from the rest LOL)
Changmin : liar.
Changmin : researching, but never really cook anything
Jaejoong : huh, what about yesterday?
Yunho : NEXT!!!!!!
Yoochun : go for drives and taking my precious puppy for walks
Junsu : Go to the library to read
(members cut in and tell him to speak honestly XDD)
Junsu : wants to go traveling
(members correct him to say not what he WANTS to do, but what he usually does)
Junsu : wants to read books
(more protests from the rest)
Junsu : ….. wants to meet friends
Jaejoong : everyone on their OFF days doing things together, with friends or for family, whether it is cooking (laughs) or studying, it’s great to do together.
Junsu : Jaejoong please do all that by yourself.

SO CUTE ^——————————-^

I want to watch movies with Yunho….(i wonder what he likes watching; i saw “the breakup” today and i found it really boring) watching a horror movie with him would be nice…in a dark cinema…. :P (except I’m the type of girl who laughs in horror movies cause I find them so lame, like The Grudge omg funniest movie ever.)

I never knew that Changmin knows how to play guitar *————* As you all know, I have this thing for guitarists, so the mere THOUGHT of Changmin playing guitar is sending me into cardiac arrest <333333333

mmm…..Jae cooking….(or researching cooking XD)….I’m the kind of person who misreads “sugar” for “salt” when baking cookies, so I ADORE people who like cooking (or like researching cooking as the case may be xP) and Changmin’s little interruption made me LOL XD

Micky likes to walk his “precious puppy” AWWWWWWW <3333333333333333 I should ship my dog (and me) to Japan/Korea and “accidentally” bump into him at like a dog park or something XDDDD [evil plan #34]

LOL at Junsu’s answers, poor thing he got corrected 3 times by the other boys XDDD [but i seriously can’t see him at a library…unless he’s in there hiding from crazy fangirls (like MEEEE) ] And in regards to his comment about Jae doing stuff by himself: I WOULD GLADLY ACCOMPANY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So cute~!
    Oh, eonnie (or dongsaeng?), what’s your name?
    OMG, you think ‘the grudge’ is funny? -_-||
    I think it’s scary!!
    So mean os Junsu and others to treat my JaeJoong oppa like this! ^^;;
    Thanx for sharing!

  2. They should’ve been like: SLEEEEEP FOREVER…!!! But I don’t think they’re allowed to say that cause that would indicate that SM is “abusing” them…

    i LOL-ed through that entire interview XD oh gosh…but i didn know about changmin playing the guitar either O_O omg if he played the violin too id be up in heaven by now~~~~~~~~~~
    but im sure secretly changmin was saying “spend time with candice” hohoho
    lol i kinda forgot dbsk had puppies XD … makes me think wat happens to them wen theyre busy in japan or wherever :S
    ps i fwded u an email which u might find interesting…

  4. Su-moon
    Ooo how rude of me, i don’t think i’ve ever introduced myself on here before ^^” Well…my names Jenny, and i’m in my first year of college this i don’t know if i’m older or younger than you ^^
    But yes, i found the Grudge hilarious (the american version) if you think about it, the whole movie doesn’t really make any SENSE, and it kept going back in time which just confused me soooo much lol XD

    LOL ahahaha your answer made me literally LOL XD But when i watched the interview i was just thinking “how often do they even have days off anyway” cause it seems to me like they work 24/7 =.=

    Violin??? is it because you play violin or you just find it hot?
    And yes i’m sure Changmin was secretly saying that in his mind XDDD (just like how Jae was saying the exact same thing about me in HIS mind) xP
    I got the email!! (lol after you reminded me about it) I think the line that made me most annoyed was “Medias and member’s words caused all misunderstanding. It’s our (SM) fault that we didn’t clarify it.” That’s like blaming everything on Suju, which is TOTALLY UNFAIR, the boys are the VICTIMS!!!!!!

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