Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 2, 2008

DBSK Yamaha commercial

Video Credit: nikirex18 @ Youtube


I love the start when Jae’s dying from the Thai massage XDDDD

But omg, the “We are different” thing made me LOL, it’s probably meant to be a good thing, but hahahahahahaha XDDDDD

Here’s a promotional poster from Yamaha:


I really want a BIG poster of just the boys minus the motorbike….I really like the outfits (maybe not Junsu’s sleeveless top) I especially LOVE Jae and Changmin’s shirt+tie look, SO ATTRACTIVE <33333333


  1. OMGOMGOMG!!!!!! XD
    My sister is like “KYAAA~!” when she saw Yunho in singlet and the ‘yeoboseyo’~!
    I was like “OMG! KYAA~!!!” when i saw the screaming JaeJoong and the JaeHo!!! XD
    I lil sister is like O.o when she saw ChangMin eating the mee~! XD
    Thanx for sharing~!
    I’ll keep playing the clip until i died of screaming and laughing!!!XD

  2. hehe. what makes this even MOOOORE funny is that I can TOTALLY see this happening.

    “Hey hyung, let’s go out to get some Thai massages!!” And the rest are all *ignore ignore* Changmin, but Jaejoong’s all “okay, let’s go!”

    “We should call the others, this is really– ” *Jaejoong dials phone* “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

    Protective Yunho, “NOOOO MEMBERS IN TROUBLE!!!” More like lost, tbh (out of all of them, I think spacey JJ and Changmin would get lost the easiest). So of course, the “sane” members have to go out and save them.

    And then, they all reunite happily to see that there really was no trouble. Again, amusingly realistic. I think I may be the only one that sees this as potentially true, but yeah… Jaemin are definitely soooper dorky.

  3. omg omg omg i LOVE it wen guys wear their ties like that … changmin + jaejoong are looking SO HOT *fans self*
    was yamaha also the brand of hte motorbikes they rode on in the rising sun concert? lol that clip was so cute…esp the “behind the scenes” with changmin’s all “are you going to marry it [motorbike]?” to jaejoong and jaejoong is just like *psycho child* XD

  4. OMGG! I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YUNHO’S “YOBBESEYO!?” omgg so sexyyy
    but my fav part will be JAE’S SCREAMMM!! AH!!!!!!!!!
    and changminnie’s like “wuh wuh” cause its to hot! omgg<3 ahhah it has been a LONG time since they make a CF TOGETHER!! *wink junsu*

    & omgg,guys wearing ties like that omgggg, jae yr getting hotter! & i see he got a hair cut :D

    LOOL, omgg i love that scene im gonna watch it again xD

  5. Su-moon
    ISN’T IT SO SO SO CUTE??!?!?! They haven’t done a CF in such a long time, I WANT MORE :DDDD

    I can totally see Jae and Changmin secretly sneaking out of their hotel room and then getting lost XDDD [like Yunho in their Bajun drama;except Yunho wasn’t lost]But Jae is so spacey, he’s probably one of those people who gets lost really easily, hopefully he’ll get lost near me sometime, then i’ll be able to “lead him home” XDDD

    BEHIND THE SCENES?????WHERE?!?!?!?!?!?!

    and yeeeeees i really like their ties too :DDDDD

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