Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 2, 2008

DBSK’s Chinese Handwriting

Credit: Baidu DBSK Bar

Koreanchocolate & Candychu mentioned to me in the Talk.Share section that they’ve never seen DBSK’s handwritten Chinese messages, so I thought I’d post it just in case there are other people who haven’t seen it :D







Imo the person with the best Chinese handwriting is Yunho, I would probably pick Junsu for second place because his lines are straight XD Micky’s handwriting is……hard to decipher xP and Changmin’s handwriting reminds me of my own (except his is probably better, despite the fact that I’m the one who’s Chinese) XDDDD [i can speak,read, and listen fine, but my writing is…..oh so tragic ^^”]

Candychu translated the messages (thank you dear <333) and the translation is in her comments which should be at the bottom of this post (or you can get to it by clicking on “__ comments” underneath the title of this post)


  1. omg I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
    actually i think ive seen this b4 but i only ever saw small pics which was y i never saved it …
    OMG LOL yoochun’s writing AHAHA its like a 2 yr olds .. okay maybe not that bad :P but my korean writing is better than his chinese writing .. tsk tsk haha
    yunho’s writing is very neat ^^
    i personally like junsu’s better…it might be coz of the pen. like yunho’s writing looks like he literally went stroke by stroke (which is wat ur supposed to do) but it just looks like he doesnt really know wat he’s writing (even if that may be the case)
    …id have to be cocky and say that my writing beats the boys muahahahaha

  2. LET ME HUGGG YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD
    AHHAA, yeah eventhough i dont speak chinese,
    but i always WATCH my chinese frnds write
    (LOL i sound like i have no life xD)
    well, yeah i agree yunho’s is the best,eventhough i dont know chinse but it looks pretty lol! everything tht involves DBSK IS PRETTY!!! haahha.
    and mickey’s is really hmm ahahah….. i think i wont cmmnt on that:p
    heres my rank
    4.chinnie xD
    thnkx again!!!! ILYY^^

  3. ^koreanchocolate: since im procrastinating and avoiding doing my eco assignment ill translate wat theyve written! (coz im really really bored =.=”)
    jj: hello everyone, im youngwoong jaejoong. in the yr 2006, overseas fans have given us endless/unlimited love and im really thankful! and bcoz of this it has been a very happy yr. in the coming yr, 2007, we’ll continue to work hard. very thankful to all of cassiopeia. it is because of ur existence that we have today’s dbsk. please dont forget this! i love you all
    yh: hello everyone, i’m dbsk’s uknow yunho. inthe yr 2006, im very thankful for the support everyone has given us. wen doing our schedule for our 3rd album, i felt very happy to experience such meaningful “time” (??) please keep continuing to support us! we’ll work even harder in the coming yr. thank u!
    yc: “hello there”, i’m micky yoochun. in 2006 we released our 3rd album and received a lot of life. dbsk’s first drama vacation also received a lot of “welcome” (?) and “care” (?). very thankful to the love and care everyone has given us. in 2007 well be relesaing our secnd drama vacation { i think he made a mistake here }.i hope everyone will also “care” (?) and support that. thank you!
    js: “hello there” im xiah junsu. looking back on the yr 2006, im very thankful to all the fans. dbsk’s 3rd album was released and timeless, the song with zhang li yin from china, was also a great success. recently we also received big awards. its been such a happy yr! in 2007 well be attending functions/schedules and hopefully be able to see more oversesas fans.
    cm: hello everybody, im choikang changmin. firstly i have to thank all teh fans. the fans who have supported us for the whole yr, everytime im up on stage and can see the red balloons u are waving and singing along with us makes me very happy. weve also received a wonderful price (award) thanks to everyone! thank you cassioepia! the yr 2006 to us dbsk was really a very good year. in 2007 well work even harder as dbsk. thankyou!

    wow…that relieved so much boredom for me *skips off happily*

  4. Candychu:
    Hmm yes i see your point…Yunho’s handwriting does look like hes foreign XDDD I think my chinese handwriting is at the same level as Junsu LOL XDDD and sigh…micky…what can i say…at least there’s room for improvement :D
    Thanks for translating! i’ll edit the post to tell people to look at your translation :D I <3 procrastinating XDDDDDDDD

    *hugs you back*
    Your ranking is the same as mine!!!!!! Although Candychu did make a really valid point…so i think i may just have to move Junsu to first place now instead of Yunho XD

  5. Since I am le eternally biased, I think Jaejoong and Junsu have the best handwriting…! *eternally biased me* Yunho’s looks *really* messy to me :cringes: …! And so does Micky and Changmin’s at least looks more natural, but it’s also quite messy. At least for all of them, their strokes look like their in the right order… except for Micky’s. Which is just awkward. But I have heard that Jae likes speaking and practicing Chinese in his spare time, and I think he probably knows the most Kanji (Chinese characters) out of all of DBSK, so it isn’t surprising that his Chinese is definitely passable (it actually looks kinda like mine, except my handwriting is very “round” in Chinese, if that makes sense)… but I def. like Junsu’s the most. He def. has the steadiest hand. Jae’s gets a little cramped some spots… I would argue the pen has a lot to do with it too (Chinese = finer tip, the better)… but Micky’s writing with the same tip that Jae and Junsu have… and his writing is NOT fun… haha…!

    • where did u hear dat jae’s 2nd most fluent language was chinese? if u got it off some forum or blog dats eng its false!! Not bashing anyone n furthermore hv u seen the interview if not u can’t say dat n seriously japanese kanji is diff frm the usual chinese coz most chinese nowadays uses the simplified one n japanese kanji uses the traditional one n furthermore they both pronounced it diff n they don noe how to write chinese as in the like not kanji but they can’t speak chinese only words like bye i am so n so i love u n such simple greetings^^ u said jae is the most fluent in chines well i don think so i heard him speak chinese n he isn’t fluent well all the members aren’t dat fluent as well seriously this is juz their writing in korean most likely n using some com software to change it into chinese n still keeping it their original handwriting coz they seriously can’t speak chinese or write it n kanji is kinda diff in some words not entirely the same n same goes 4 their eng writing they can’t write eng dat well except for micky maybe but the same thing the fans most likely or some ppl use some software to keep their original handwriting n convert it into eng

    HERE YOU GO, I GIVE YOU 5 COOKIES :D:D:D for translating al 5 of them xD

    thnkx for posting! and ahahha, i think yunho’s is still the best lol, CAUSE IDK CHINESE ahahah xD maye because junsu used a diff pen? i hate makers lol.

  7. omg! that is so good! i dont know chinese but if i saw it without knowing they did it i would think a chinese person wrote it….^^

  8. Nanshi:
    Lol “eternally biased” XDDD
    You can tell from Yunho’s handwriting that he definitely doesn’t know how to write Chinese lol, Junsu and Jae’s handwriting DOES look natural, but before DBSK started in Japan, Jae said in an interview that his second most “fluent” language was Chinese, so maybe he’s had practise XDDDD
    Maybe there’s something wrong with Micky’s pen…because his writing is REALLY……different? lol XD

    You’re welcome :D
    And yep, Yunho’s is so tidy :D

    Lol, yea, i’m chinese and my handwriting is probably at the same level as them XD (except i think i’m a bit better than Micky xP)

  9. LOLS . all i can say that i’m amazed with the boys =] learning so many languages and composing songs and they have uni dont they ? just amazing ^__^ [ btw i like yunho’s hangwriting XD ]

  10. to tel u guys the truth dbsk only noes simple basic chinese wat they wrote there the kinda too complicated for them was probably taken frm their original korean writing or japanese writing n some ppl use some sort of com system to change it into chinese but still keeping it their handwriting same goes for the english one coz even if micky noes eng he doesn’t so much n the others only noe the basics so they can speak a lot of languages but the only one they can hold long conversations or conversations with is japanese n korean the rest they learn basic greetings such as thank you i am so n so i love u dat kind^_^ but its great they take the time to learn even if its juz basic greetings or sentences n 2 nanshi u said jae said in an interview dat his 2nd most fluent language was chinese well did u wtch the interview juz curious if u didn’t n get it off some eng forum or blog it may be false most likely its false coz tvxq only noes the basic in chinese like thank you i love u basic greetings n such they don noe so much n i’ve heard him speak chinese like bye or i love u n he isn’t dat fluent coz i’m chinese singaporean chinese not bashing anyone but my order is junsu changmin jaejoong yunho yoochun yoochun’s is seriously 2 messy yunho although i think it looks like he went through the stroke one by one n it doesn’t seem natural changmin’s one is alright its a bit slanting in a way but it looks really natural compared to yunho jae’s one is alright juz dat his is a bit unstable n he suddenly has one big word n 1 small word i pick junsu as the best coz his is neat n big enough n is much more natural compared to yunho’s haha xD maybe i’m bias coz my fav is junsu n changmin but maybe not coz a lot of ppl agree dat junsu’s handwriting is the best n furthermore he’s writing with his right hand n he was originally left handed its not easy 2 write nice with ur not original hand as in if ur born left handed n ur force to write with ur right hand mostly japanese n korean hv 2 do dat sigh ya micky’s is real messy but considering dat he used to be left handed n is writing with his right hand so it won’t be so tidy maybe his original left handed writing is neater?? not everyone can be like junsu n write neat with his non dominant hand^^ i’m trying to be ambidextrous like the both of them i’m right handed but i’m trying to write with my left hand as well n its real hard T.T i’m learning japanese i juz started this yr official learning at my community centre means a tchr is tching b4 dat i learned online n frm anime i picked up a few^_^ so i can hold basic conversations in japanese n i’m learning korean online juz started probably a week or so ago^_^

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