Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 2, 2008

English Subbed Love In The Ice performance (Tokyo Summit 2007)

Video Credit: PaJkUbVwJ @ Youtube

OMG.DYYYYYYYIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG ;______________________________;

Ok, so this song’s been out awhile right, but i’ve never actually seen a good clear video of it before (i appreciate fancams, but garh the shaking annoys me) I think it was the day before yesterday that i asked what everyones favourite song on the “T” album is, and Nanshi told me that her favourite song is “Love in the Ice”, and when i read it i was just like “hmm…it’s a nice song, and I like it…but I wonder why it’s her favourite DBSK song out of the 70 something songs that they’ve released? [cause it was just an additional song on their Summer Dream single, and they never perform]”.

But after watching this performance I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND why it’s her favourite. As i watched this performance it was as if one of those giant asteroids that flys at 2000km/h suddenly struck me in the head and I just went O.M.G I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

DBSK performed this with a LIVE band, and they sound SO GOOD *———* [the boys i mean, but the band did too :D] I have never bothered to read the lyrics for this song before, so when I read the english lyrics at the bottom of the screen I nearly DIED from the niceness of it all…..the lyrics are BEAUTIFUL, seriously I can’t even tell you what my favourite bit was because I LOVE IT ALL :DDDDDDDDDDD [i’m very tempted to print out the lyrics, that’s how much i love it (btw if you have a copy of the actual english lyrics then seeend it to meeee)] Honestly, before I knew the lyrics, I thought the song was about two figure skaters falling in love all something =.=” I had no idea it was such a sad song!!!

So in conclusion, if you haven’t seen this already then YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. another vid on my to watch list.
    i remember watching one fancam and changmin’s voice cracked and i cudnt help but replay like 50 times … XD
    thats y i got worried after listening to kiss shita… coz wat if wen they perform live his voice cracks again? xD
    not sure if this is the same translation…i saved it on a word document so i hav the credits down the bottom…

    It’s not your fault those hands are freezing
    Borne from those childish days, you carry the scars
    Are you afraid to love someone?
    You pretend not to see the other side of the words

    Like ice, the embraced heart slowly starts to thaw

    * For anyone to be loved by someone,
    Makes life in this world shine
    If it was me, I’d make your heart warm once more
    With eternal tenderness

    Even if fate’s mischief pains the heart
    On the other side of those tears,
    A single ray of light will swoop down into the darkness
    We know

    As strong as the feeling of suffering, we can feel people’s warmth

    Everyone is searching for a place
    That can heal their sadness and loneliness
    So… for you, that place is here
    Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate anymore, because I’ll protect you

    My heart is pained
    Because this love is so beautiful, don’t be afraid
    Even if it’s just momentarily, I’ll let you know my love
    This time is beautiful, you know… let you know my love

    * Repeat
    Credits: lunatunalover @ lJ

  2. HEY. I have this on MY blog too!!! I posted it WAAAY before you (STEALER.. haha jk!). But w/o the English subs though. Anyways, yeah. I was sooo excited to finally find a live perf because there are none and this is SUCH A GOOD SONG that deserves to be performed live… ALL THE TIME AND FOREVER AND EVER. There’s a few fancams of DBSK performing it at the Seoul Encore Concert (after the 2nd Asia Tour) and… if you can believe it… it’s even BETTER than this performance. I mean, not quality-wise, but it was one of their last songs (it might’ve even been their encore song) and they boys were all sweaty and exhausted after performing and adorable in their little t-shirts and they just SANG THEIR HEARTS OUT for this (it was right after it released too!)… SOO GOOD! <3333 They were totally vibing the high after a really great concert (gah, all their concerts are great) and it was just really touching and really emotional and just gorgeous…!!!! They all sound so breathtaking in this song which is why it’s totally my favorite.

  3. I remember watching this…i loved it the first time i watched it…mickey! eekkk!!!

  4. Candychu:
    Thanks :DDD Hopefully my “T” album will have the Chinese translations for this song…hopefully *—-*

    I READ THAT POST!!!! But i didn’t watch the video because that was when i didn’t think the song was “that special” – oh how wrong i was… *shakes head* I really want to get the DVD of their Soul Encore concert!!!! I haven’t seen the fancam of Love in the Ice, i must go hunt it down right now :D
    Btw i was actually going to buy the Jae cartoon t-shirt, but then my friends all told me that i needed to get a life….so i gave up on the idea ^^”

    I love this performance, it’s probably one of my favourite performances that they’ve done :D

  5. I watched it on utube and everyone was going “wild” b/e mickey had a hit a high note in this song..but for some reason i cant seem to hear that note anymore….^^

  6. I thought this song was ok when i first heard it and then i saw a fancam of them preforming it at Soul Power Osaka and when Micky hit that note it gave me chills. It became on of my fav. song after that.

  7. do u by any chance have love in the ice chinese lyrics,korean lyrics and english translation if you do can u send it to my email?

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