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As you all know, I really really suck at doing birthday posts (except for Jae’s cause I spent ages on that) so instead of embarrassing myself by doing a really lame one, I asked Candychu to help me with this birthday post for Kyuhyun (because he’s her favourite :D) She did an EXCELLENT job though, in fact it’s so good that I’m not even going to add anything in fear of ruining it :D I’ll just say here that I loooove Kyuhyun’s voice, he’s got the voice of an angel *——-* and I’m so so so so so glad that he’s recovered from the accident! Kyuhyun Hwaiting!!!

Without further ado, here’s the birthday post that Candychu did for Kyuhyun!!!!!

(If you like the post then thank Candychu cause I didn’t write anything, I just helped her hyperlink and upload her pictures; she’s the one that went to the trouble of finding all the videos, pictures, and writing spazz comments <3333 )

{credit: Kyuhyun bar @ baidu, Kyuhyun’s Photography @ AF}




So the youngest of Super Junior turns 20 today!!! (Or 21 in Korean age)
Oddly enough, despite being the last member to join Super Junior, Kyuhyun was actually the member I first started paying attention to. I was first attracted to his voice when I heard him in the song Just One Day (part of the OST for Air City). And so without fail, his voice is my absolute favourite-ist out of all 13 members.

Videos that you have got to watch (if you haven’t already!) And even if you have…it never hurts to rewatch them…I mean it’s Kyuhyun for crying out loud! [The links are ALL click-able, some of them won’t turn blue for some reason :S]

[Kyuhyun singing now and forever]
This was for some contest…I’m not sure how long ago it’s from coz he looks pretty young but his voice was already SO good *dies*

[SuJu Mini Drama Ep 2]
I remember when I first saw a gif of Kyuhyun falling onto Sungmin and thinking wth is that … coz it looked to me like Kyuhyun just wanted to fall onto Sungmin (who wouldn’t?)and so I was really happy when I found this show with subs! The NGs are the best coz Kyuhyun just couldn’t stop smiling after landing onto Sungmin only to be pulled back by Shindong.
Kyuhyun + Sungmin make quite a good couple especially the bit when Kyuhyun drags Sungmin out of the house and then you see Sungmin with his head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder XD. Actually the best bit was when they were in the car and Kyuhyun pulls Sungmin in for a kiss. Even my friend who was watching it with me suddenly fell for Kyuhyun and she didn’t even know who he was! That just shows how attractive Kyuhyun is!
Also, watch episode 3 if you want to see Kyuhyun act as a bad boy turned good XD

[Leeteuk and Kyuhyun Kissing]
Lol this is like the Jaemin couple of DBSK xD It’s only 9 seconds long but it’s pretty LOL-worthy. Kyuhyun is resting his head on Leeteuk’s arm and Leeteuk is just whacking him (poor baby) and then they suddenly just turn their heads together and start “kissing”

[Kyuhyun Bed Song Cut]
Kyuhyun wrote a song using the tune to Believe. I have no idea what he is singing but I think it might be related to the fact that he finally got a bed!

Someone posted in the comments a translation:
“I was so lucky to [be] able to meet bed
because bed would make me smile/laugh by just being near me~
I could find bed even if it goes far away.
Because bed is smiling inside of me”
translation credit La’MISS:Fairy @ soompi

I love the way Kyuhyun speaks of the bed as if it is a person XD And his voice is just so much love ~~~

[Kyuhyun singing Rokkugoh]
hehe it’s SO CUTE! Especially when he sung it in ‘ballad’ style…his voice just kills me…all the time.

unhyuk Kyuhyun Leeteuk Shindong dancing to rokkugo on sukira]
OMG This clip is EVEN cuter!!! As soon as the music starts Leeteuk and Eunhyuk get into position and start dancing away…then Shindong takes Kyuhyun’s headphones off and kinda shoves him over and Kyuhyun starts singing in place of Heechul. Lol his face is so squishable!! And since Kyuhyun is the only member not part of SuJu T he doesn’t know the choreography as well so he just stands at the back then joins in for the chorus ^^ it’s cute coz he’s like a count slower than everyone else XD and take note of Leeteuk…he is REALLY into it XP…but then he’s the first to sit down =.=” and omg don’t be scared when Shindong’s head suddenly pops up…no I did not fall off my seat in fright

Oh and one of the people commented that this was just before their car accident…just thinking about it gives me shivers… =[

[Super Junior – 061106 KBS Sukira – K.R.Y Han Sarammaneul]
Sung LIVE! This was part of the 2006 SMTown Winter Album! The only words I understand out of the whole song are ‘Han Sarammaneul’…it basically means ‘The One I Love’. and that would be me…jks xPI seriously can’t help but smile when I hear Kyuhyun sing haha…his voice is just so mesmerising and that look in his eyes…*swoons* At about 1.23 there’s this cheeky smile plastered over Kyuhyun’s face and he starts mocking lipsyncing Yesung’s lines…exactly the same way Yesung is singing them XD. This is why visual is always important =P.
Their voices sound really well together which is another reason why I like K.R.Y so much ^^

[Super Junior K.R.Y Snow Flower MV]
Super Junior K.R.Y. –
걸음을 멈추고
This song is beautiful so if you haven’t already heard it then GO WATCH THIS MV! I think the MV was fanmade (?) but there’s Kibum in it so that’s incentive enough anyway! I really love all the songs that K.R.Y have sung…I hope they’ll release some more songs…especially since they didn’t have any in their last SMTown CD.

Charice Pempengco Duet w/ Kyu Hyun]
I know this video has been posted like 50 million times on every blog but I just wanted to spazz about it (and it’s one of those classic Kyuhyun clips that every fan should’ve watched by now =P). This was one of the first videos I had watched of Kyuhyun perform (coz I haven’t been into SuJu as long as DBSK) and it made me cry! When they showed all that footage from the accident I got goosebumps ALL OVER and I started crying when Leeteuk + Kangin got teary (I have a very very soft spot for guys who shed tears). I’m so thankful that Kyuhyun was able to recover as quickly as he did because just hearing of what he went through makes me scared O_O

And it wasn’t until this clip that I found out that Kyuhyun is quite the “prankster” coz if you just see him, you kinda think he’s the good boy type…(the sort mothers would want as their son-in-law)…but I still can’t imagine Kyuhyun doing “stuff” to the other members of SuJu…I prefer to picture him in a suit singing me ‘White Christmas’ or whatever…*sighs*

[She’s Gone live]
I love it when SuJu sing live! This was on a radio show…it’s KRY, Donghae, Kangin and Shindong is also there. I think something was wrong with the mic system coz when Ryeowook starts singing there’s like nothing…and apparently he was sick? But they all sound awesome! Though I was a little disappointed that Yesung sung one of Donghae’s lines coz I was really looking forward to Donghae sing that =[

Most of these videos are of Kyuhyun singing because there are hardly videos of just him being a dork and goofing around. But that’s okay because I can never get enough of his voice ^^

Anyways, here’s a pic spam! Kyuhyun is so good looking…(like he kinda has ‘the boy-next-door’ sort of feel but then there’s still something extra special about him…if that makes any sense at all)…it was hard choosing just a few of my favourites xP
But I stole the idea off pinkandsparkly to include the amount of pictures he’s turning this year…=S err that didn’t make sense…so, in English, that would mean 20 pictures for his 20th birthday xD [click to see any pictures bigger]

Glasses + Suit + Singing = LOVE


Kyuhae and Kyumin x2

main.jpg 1190531901092210xf3bd7.jpg

I loved him with his platinum blonde hair…made him look less pale xP


Snuggle up ^.^

f0e8604cd8e7e0f6d62afc6c.jpg kyumin44fi4nx5.jpg


Disturbing yet astonishingly beautiful…


And last but not least…don’t ask me why I have a picture of Kyuhyun lying across a bed

2a9784265a9718198a82a1dc.jpg e32d65275d5e7f0d918f9dbf.jpged34116089c6be4beaf8f871.jpgvtgnxcdz.jpgimg19166615071jd7.jpgkyuhyun5vh5.pngn696336016_233689_6636.jpg20ed304c749be4f6d72afcdd.jpgd32b292e0322735b4ec22645.jpg

I ended up having 23 pictures…coz 21 is for his Korean age and the extra 2 are for the month of February!

Anywayz, wishing Kyuhyun a very Happy Birthday!!! I hope SuJu celebrate with him and do something extra special…just because it’s Kyuhyun!

WASN’T THAT A GREAT BIRTHDAY POST :DDDDDDDDDD [yes I’m back(pinkandsparkly)] I have never seen some of these videos before, so THANK YOU CANDYCHU FOR SHARING!!!! Now as you may/may not know, Yunho, Changmin, Siwon and Hangengs birthdays are all coming up, so if one of them is your favourite then feel free to contribute :DDD


  1. Awww that was a great birthday post! :) Thank you, candychu and pinkandsparkly! I’m going to link to this :D.

  2. Spazzes:
    I didn’t actually do anything…but you’re welcome :DDD

  3. this was a really great bday post for my fave magnae ^_^ thanks for all the links i wanna check em all out now ^_^

    hope kyu had an awesome bday ^_^

  4. kyuhyun is very handsome

  5. kyuhyun you very handsome……… saransheo
    I want meet you!!!!!!!!!!! love you

  6. why do have the picture Kyu lying across bed?
    sr. cant help it. so curious :((

  7. He’ s very lovely when he as a girl.
    I love him very much.

    **And, why he touch Sungmin’s waist?

  8. very cute when kyuhyun as a girl! nice photo anyway

  9. why he has long hair he looks like a girl but he still cute (like a girl ^^) but i still like him so much jiji

  10. hi,
    are you fine? Kyu Hyun. I look and listen your song everytime.Firstly i saw you, I love you. I think about you everytime, everywhere .
    I am in myanmar.

  11. kyuhyuunnnn…
    I love him sooo much

    thx to candychu for the great birthday post..

    I really want to meet kyuhyun and say happy birthday to him
    but how??
    it’s just a dream

  12. hahahahaaha….ktunhyun is super cute in his long hair….wow she look like a true women..hehehehehe

  13. Can some explain to me why kyuhyun is 21 in korea and 20 in America??

  14. OMG!!! hes soooooooooooo cute,,,, kawaii,,,,,, hope i can see u in personal,,, pWdE ma-WERLA!!!!!! HAhahAAh…………..

  15. o.m.g u r so so very hot kyuhyun oppa..O,O
    saranghae HOT HOT..i’m baby hot hot………!!

  16. your so cute and handsome kyuhyun.
    <3u so much
    hope i cAn see u in personal..
    (you have a best smile ever)

  17. hi,
    for the first time i saw him on the stage, i fall for him.i love the way his so-innoncent-look and yet he remind me to ryan ross from the young veins.
    i hope suju M will come to ma’sia again !
    im from malaysia.

  18. Happy Birthday oppa
    I love u
    Kyu Hyun

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