Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 3, 2008

More Yamaha pictures

Picture Credit: 神影仙踪★嗳噫 @ Baidu DBSK Bar

Two more wallpapers and some pictures from the press conference here


Click the picture to see it bigger :D

I know that they’re advertising motorbikes…but I feel really tempted to photoshop the motorbike out of the pictures XD The motorbike in this picture looks like a robot or something from Alien vs. predator, it’s like you see the hot pictures of the boys, then BAM you see two blaring lights staring at you =.=

And lol the “Yes! We are different” slogan still makes me LOL XDDDDDDDD

I wasn’t going to post any pictures from the press conference because i’ve used up my bandwith, but i had to share this one:


It may have something to do with the camera angle, but JAE LOOKS TINY XDDDDDDDDDD

Oh, and Micky’s watermelon hair style looks funny


  1. Jenny dongsaeng {guess i’m should call like that, i’m first year uni}, is this the new hairstyle?
    have you seen yoochun opps’s hairstyle?

  2. oh no uve used up all ur bandwith :O lol
    omg i got my purple line cd + was watching the offshot movies and stuff in the bangkok one where they were all standing in a line jae looked so short standing nxt to changmin ^^
    {and omg changmin looked SO HOT backstage…walking around in his black tank top *drools*}
    i reckon in this photo its the way hes sitting…hes kinda slouched while changmin is sitting up straight (im glad hes corrected his posture xD)
    why is changmin’s face always at the back? ALWAYS?? lol and its always tiny =.=”
    omg…yunho has his hair in a ponytail O_O … i dont know why but that hairstyle DOES NOT SUIT HIM!!! im too used to seeing it on donghae (and once upon a time on changmin XP)…like if u scroll the window so that u just see his head its fine or u can choose to scroll to the bottom and just see his torso…but combined its like feminine/pretty + manly and thats just weird :S
    OMG…i made a noise wen i saw yoochun’s hair…and now im banging my head on the table from crying and laughing…oh em gee…WHY??? but then again i said this for his hair during FITB wen he practically shaved it all off…but omg O_O
    WHY?? YOOCHUN[‘s stylist]?? WHY??

  3. Su-moon:
    First year of Uni?? ME TOO!!! [technically i don’t start till march though]
    I’m hoping that Micky won’t keep his hair like that for when they do their Trick singles promotion =.= …. fingers crossed that the hairstyle will never be seen again :D

    You got your purple line single??? I’M SO JEALOUS!!! The pictures are so hot in it ;____;
    I didn’t actually notice Yunho’s hair (till you mentioned it) and OMG =.= imo it does NOT suit him, the front view is fine, but then like you said, you see the ponytail and it’s just like….WTH?! o.O
    Micky’s hair reminds me of a hardcore FOB XDDDD
    Hopefully their stylist was drunk that day, and we’ll never see Micky and Yunho’s hair styles ever again…(except i really like Jae and Changmin’s look….)

  4. OMG i looked at the link again…and i discovered something
    CHANGMIN GOT HIS EARS PIERCED FOR REAL AND HES LOOKING SO SEXY … OMG I WANT HIS EARRINGS I WANT THEM … NOW *fiddles with yunho’s earrings* hehe … it makes me feel closer to them
    im scared yoochun wont be getting a trim for a while … he always tries out new hairstyles
    oh btw junsu also looks really good ^.^
    ps i sent u an email again coz msn is going weird on me :P

  5. Candychu:
    Yes…..Micky and his “new” hairstyles =.=
    I really want Teuk’s shooting star earrings and heart necklace :(

  6. i’m kinda speechless with Mickys hair .. its just so .. i cant describe it ><” its so terrilbe T___T . and it DOES look like a fob’s haircut LOLS !! the mushroom cut, LOL ! i liked it when how he had it in EHB … he should stay away from hair straightners .. why didnt the other members say anything ?!?! … thats just his hair .. i didnt like his clothings either . LOL XD 3/4 white pants .. and those weird slip on shoes .. promoting .. MOTORBIKES ?! why didnt osmeone stop him ?! T_____T
    moving along ..
    everyone else looked sexy as usual XD
    i actually didnt mind the ponytail thing with Yunho, but i really loved him with specs on XD he looks so dorky/nerdy but still so sexy XP
    i was just lookin at one photo now, and somehow .. it looks like his just wearing frames .. but no lenses O_O .. bc theres no reflection from any lights on the glasses .. and i would know since I wear glasses .. O_o
    omg i LOVE Junsu’s shoes XDDD i want them XD
    whoahs Changmin got his ears pierced. YAY XD
    ahh Jaejoong, he hardly dissapoints me XD only when his got those boots on xP but i really like this look on him .. and i want his necklace XD
    its like some silver cross

    OMG i just saw a photo … and did Micky get a new tattoo on his RIGHT leg ? O_O you guys take a look .. and confirm with me that i’m not blind XD
    its like this blue-ish line .. =/

  7. Minjee4micky:
    It IS terrible isn’t it ;______;
    And ewwwwwwww his manpris lol XD the other members probably didn’t tell him as a joke XDDD
    And yea i think Yunho is just wearing frames ^^” the suju boys (especially Teuk) does it all the time, i don’t know why they want to wear glass, i used to, but now i wear contacts :D [actually they look hot in glasses, so they should keep wearing them XD]
    Speaking of Jae’s necklace, i was on this Korean site that sells jewellery that DBSK/Suju have worn, and the pictures of them wearing it, I am SO TEMPTED to spend a large amount of money on that site XDDD
    Micky’s tattoo?? do you have a link to the picture…? lol…

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