Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 4, 2008

Behind the scenes of EHB Ep.13

Pictures Credit: auyuan @ Baidu Choi Siwon Bar

Watch it unsubbed on youtube: Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4


Heechul as the SWAT team leader: “Alright boys, our number one goal for today is…”

Siwon: “XDDDD you said number one…” *giggles*

Sungmin: *staring at Siwon thinking* : “is he medicated”

Donghae *rolls eyes* : here we go again…


Ryeowook staring at puppy: “you think you’re cute?! HOW’S THIS FOR CUTE” * ^——————-^ *


*Donghae tries to talk to Sungmin*

Sungmin: “I’ve found my new home….”




*Sungmin speaking to the Barrel*: “How U doin’ ;) ”


Siwon: “hey hey gimme the bottle, i think someones in trouble”

Donghae: “No way man, my mum told me to drink at least 8 glasses a day, and I’m only up to my third glass”

[Siwon’s hand is so big compared to Donghae’s!!!]


*Ryeowook smells Eunhyuk’s feet while thinking* “Anything you can do I can do bettER~” [he’s still in competition with the dog….]

More Pictures Here


  1. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYSSSSS LOVE YOUR CAPTIONS <333333. Best ever. You rock :).

  2. lol HAHA your amazing!!
    i wish i could’ve read ur post tomorrow morning when school starts again
    then i would be in a very happy mood~
    and i like the siwonnie one alot with the waterbottle!
    and wookie and the competition is hilarious!!!

  3. wow siwon hands are so big … i wonder wat yesung’s hand would look like next to his XD
    ahaha … and we all know wat they say about big hands … big gloves !!!! :P :P
    and once again, sungmin has successfully killed me with his cuteness … i love the one of him with his feet in the air XD *squeal*
    so im guessing those in the jail outfits are like in the “loser” team XD i have to watch ep12 coz i wanna know if eunhyuk + ryeowook have been on the “loser” team 3 times in a row :S
    hehe…and awwwwwwwww ryeowook XD itd be so nice to have a pet that looks like him LOL

  4. omo! are they playing cops and robber or what? eekk! donghae is so cute!

  5. Spazzes:
    Lol yea some of them are pretty lame ^^” I’m going to miss doing them though, but hopefully the show will come back on after 3 weeks, and i’ll be able to write silly captions again :DDDD

    Thank you :D
    Aww you start school tommorow? poor you *pats head*, i don’t start school for a few more weeks, but i’m already sick of it just from attending all the info talks XDDDD

    I would LOVE to have a puppy that looked like Ryeowook LOL

    Cops and robbers?? not sure, but the SWAT uniforms are HOT

  6. omg! ryeowook is sooo cute <33 first the pic with the ‘bird’-thing and now this one XD~ his expression are always awesome *lol* wanna cuddle him rightaway! <33
    and WHY did he smell eunhyukkies foot XD~ looks very weird haha! (remembering the time they always say how smelly eunhyuks feet are *lol*)
    and the bottle-thing with donghae and siwon reminds me of siwons ‘coke obsession’ hahah XD now its donghaes water obsession *lol*

    thx sooo much for sharing xD~ those pix made my day *lol*

  7. AW, Sungminnie’s so cute XD “How U doin’? ;)”, just like Joey in Friends ^—-^
    And Ryeowook competing with the dog, LOL ;D

    Great captions as always ^__^

  8. Sungmin: *staring at Siwon thinking* : “is he medicated”

    lmfao XD

    Ryeo Wook in 2nd pic: PWNZ the dog! lmao XD

    Siwon in 6th pic: Hawt, somebody cast him as a SWAT team person. Gar. Too bad his movie wont push thru. T_T

    Super Show preps FTW XD

  9. Youjuchan:
    Ryeowook’s expressions makes writing captions so much easier for me LOL XD
    I remember the coke video!! Siwon doesn’t like sharing does he XD he must’ve failed kindergarten XDDD

    And Friends is actually one of my favourite tv shows EVER lol :DDDD

    SIWON NEEDS TO JOIN THE SWAT TEAM actually scratch that idea; THEY ALL NEED TO JOIN THE SWAT TEAM XDDD they look so GOOOOOOOOOD in the uniforms
    I just finished watching the Chinese subbed version of this, and ooooomg, such a good episode :DDD

  10. hahaha, this was a cute break from work.. thanks very much~!!!

    i absolutely love that picture of ryeowook, such a cutie..

    and sungmin, how can i not like him!?! ^____^

  11. I love sungmin & kyuhyun

  12. i think suju is puppy so much……..

    and i love sungmin very very very……..

    super junior fighting ………

    sungmin fighting…….

    super junior it’s u..

  13. happy birthday to kyuhyun,siwon and hankyung wish you all the best take care each other love yah guys

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