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Suju Entertainment Azio interview

Video Credit: skyoflovee @ Youtube

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Interview from when they went to TW in January this year

Ok, i’m going to do a rough translation, but if you understand Chinese then you NEED TO WATCH THIS, one of the best Suju interviews i’ve seen (probably because i can understand it this time XD)

At the start they show them arriving at the airport and then rehearsing for their performance at night. Donghae and Teuk go in front of the camera and Donghae says “Are you ready?” in Chinese, and Teuk replies in Chinese (and then says “Go go go go” XD) Donghae then continues showing off his Chinese skills and goes “i’m hungry, are you hungry”, and “let’s go eat together”, and Teuk looked all confused and asked him what he was saying, then when Donghae explained, Teuk told him to “stop randomly hitting on people” XDDDDD

The boys then do an interview with Patty Hou who asked them questions

Patty asked them if they’re tired, and how they determine who gets to stand and who gets to sit, and Kangin replies that people with less schedules have to stand at the back XD

They’re then asked about EHB, and Patty brings up the arm wrestling episode and mentions that she wants to try the method out. The boys send Ryeowook out to compete with her, but Patty says that she wants someone that will win against her, and that Ryeowook looks like he’s lighter than her XDD (poor wookie!!) She picks Shindong, but Shindong tell her that their strength would be too different, so she still ends up competing with Ryeowook.

So they arm wrestle, and it looked like Patty was going to win, so the boys drag Ryeowook back and doesn’t let him continue XDDD Ryeowook then spins around in a circle and arm wrestles with Patty again. (before they start, the members count to “ten” and they say “yi, er, san, FOUR, FIVE, liu, qi, ba, jiu, shi” XDDD (they must’ve forgotten the Chinese for “Four” and “Five” XD)

They then split into two teams and the winning team gets to have steamed buns. Team A is: Teuk, Kangin, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Yesung, Shindong. And Team B is: Kibum, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun.

The first questions is “who can speak the most Chinese”, and Kangin tries to join Team B because Siwon’s on it XD They get started and whatever Leeteuk and Shindong says, Siwon would add “too” to it, eg. Teuk would say “I love you” and Siwon would say “I love you too” XDDD smart kid. Patty let them go on for awhile then announced that it’s a draw.

The next round was a “Dance Battle”, and Sungmin represents Team A, and Eunhyuk represents Team B. Shindong did the Beat box for Sungmin but wouldn’t do it for Eunhyuk, and Team A all started making weird noises XD After Eunhyuk finished his dance, Team A sends out their “hidden card”……YESUNG, who does one of his trademark crack dances XDD and Team A wins because of the “hidden card”

The next question was “how well do you know the Suju members”

The first question was “who has the nicest temper” – both teams couldn’t decide, so Patty goes “let’s see what the other members think”, and i was like….there are no other members there who are you talking about…..AND HEECHUL POPS UP ON THE SCREEN!! I think he prerecorded his message in Korea, anyway, he says that Eunhyuk has the nicest temper.

The next question was “who likes looking pretty” (ie. spends the most time before performances getting ready), the members all said Leeteuk and HANGENG POPS UP ON SCREEN AND SPEAKS CHINESE!!! He replies that they ALL like looking pretty XD

Next question: “who treats fans the nicest” – they all wrote down their own names….Heechul pops up again and says that it’s Hannie because he always tries to talk to the fans (and Heechul imitates Hannie’s Korean XDDD) But then (i think it was Shindong) said that Kangins also really nice to fans because he gives the fans money to get home when they wait outside for them, but then someone interrupts and says that he charges 10x the amount in interest XDDDD!

Next question: “Who’s the funniest” They couldn’t decide, and Heechul comes on again and says that it’s Kangin, and does an imitation of Kangin talking XD

Next question: “Who’s a prankster” – I think they all said “Kangin”, and Hannie comes on and says that it’s “Kangin”

“Who likes to act cute” – Sungmin wins all the votes, and Hannie comes on and confirms that it’s Sungmin. Sungmin and Kangin both goes and acts cute to the host (Kangin nearly pushed her off her seat XD) and they tell her that if she acts cute to them then Donghae will do it for her (OMG GOOD DEAL)

Next question: who has the “prince” illness (i think it means that they have a large ego?) – everyone writes “Siwon” XD – And Hannie comes on and says “they would’ve all said Siwon” XDDDD HE’S PSYCHIC (apparently he likes to look at mirrors) And they all impersonate Siwon staring at his reflection in the camera Ryeowook’s imitation is HILARIOUS!!

“whos changed the most” – ryeowook , heechul says him too, that he’s more outgoing now . The members also say that Eunhyuk’s appearance has changed, and the host asks if its because he got plastic surgery =.=

“most likely to suddenly get married” – Kangin wins the majority of the votes, Heechul says that if he didn’t get the majority of the votes then Kibum would’ve (and he copies Kibum’s smile). Kangin replies that it’s because they sometimes talk about what would happen if they get married early. And Leeteuk says that they all dream about being a good father (AWWWW *——* ), and kangin says that he dreams about being a good boss XDDDD. Siwon then says that”if i meet my true love then i’ll get married” and all the other Suju boys agrees. [SEE this is why they’re not married, THEY HAVEN’T MET ME YET XDDDD]

Patty then asks if they like anyone, and they all put their hands up, and Patty says to the camera:”will their fangirls on the internet kill the girl that they like” XDDD SHE KNOWS THEIR FANS SO WELL XDD Anyway they all ended up writing “E.L.F” down (so predictable) and donghae spells “E.L.F” wrong XDDD

And that concludes the interview :D

Did that make sense?? I had to write that in a hurry because i actually invaded my parents work to use their internet in order to watch this XDDD and i didn’t have much time, so it’s probably got heaps of mistakes XD


  1. when was this interview?

  2. omg im so gonna watch this vid but i dont hav the time right now…but i LOLed enough reading ur recap so many *squeals* and loves <33333333
    i so hav to watch this and do my own spazzing XD
    …and y wud the host person say that eunhyuk has had surgery … he hasnt has he ? he looks exactly the same as like wen he was in primary school =.=”
    but omg Donghae spelt elf wrong??? there are only 2 ways u can spell it with the E at the start XD silly boy
    lol i remember that “prince” illness…YEH mentioned it in princess hrs ^^

  3. ok im watching the first part atm…woohoo subs are traditional *happy happy*
    poor siwon was on crutches =[ this interview is recent isnt it ?
    omg EUNHAE MOMENT with the microphone!!!!!!!! “the microphone is gonna break” LOL “its not funny but still laughs” AHAHAHA
    omg donghae’s mando is soooooo cute “hurry hurry hurry” awwwwwwwwww lol and i love leeteuk + his hair flick … omg donghae is SUCH A FLIRT … but i like it ^.^ “yes donghae…lets go out to dinner!!!” i say =] he sounds so pro at chinese and he just switches back to korean ^.^
    ohhh so shes patty !! i know her … she had a scandal with jay chou :P her english is good … damn shes lucky i bet they went out to dinner afterwards =[
    LOL “they didnt talk to you did they?” (to kyuhyun) OMG LOL
    O_O OMG … LEETEUK LOOKS SO HOT WITH AN EMO FRINGE !!! *drools* .. i like i like
    AHAHAHAHHA the whole “zzzzzzzz” *wat is she talking about?* LOL omg kibum + eunhyuk looked so bored :P oh right theyre looking tired…icic lol eunhyuk is such an awesome actor. they were right on YSMM wen they said he deserved like an EMMY or watever they mentioned XP hehe aww even kyuhyun rubbed his eye *pats head*
    OH so he did injure it from EHB…i thought he already injured it from before…oops my bad xP
    LMAO eunhyuk’s “dont embarrass us”
    oh part 1 has finished already…hmm as much as im tempted to watch the other 4 parts i really should get back to work … *cries*

  4. guh omg i love you so much for translating <333333.

  5. kpoplover4everStaff:
    From memory i think it was around January 5th…don’t quote me on that though

    I LOLed so hard when Donghae spelt E.L.F wrong XDDDDDD HE IS SO SPECIAL!!!!!!
    And yea my post is pretty incoherent XDDD
    and YES TEUKIE LOOKS SO HOT WITH HIS EMO FRINGE!!!!!! And i would LOVE to have lunch/dinner/anything with Donghae *————*

    You’re welcome <333

  6. yay
    i’m now suju happy
    cause i understand for the most part.
    yay ^_______^

  7. AHHH! I will watch this once I get home. Gah, I haven’t been watching any videos right now cause I have zero time, but seriously… Taiwan and SuJu?? gaahhh.. Anyways, I think “Prince syndrome” is for guys who act and look like princes. No ego, per se, but more like guys who are really gentlemanly and nice and good-looking (but they’re all good looking)…

  8. This interview was adorable. I loved it. Patty is so awesome. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her actually. But she’s so cool. haha.
    Did you know she had a scandalous affair with Jay Chou?

  9. heehee ILU thanks for the translatiuons dear <333

  10. Cholalola:
    It’s handy when you can understand what they’re saying isn’t it lol XDD Don’t get me wrong, i love the work that the subbers do :D

    Oo I didn’t know you like Suju?
    who’s your favourite member? :D
    Thanks for explaining the “Prince Syndrome”, I’ve never really heard it used before (except for when Heechul’s co-stars say it in regards to him XD)

    She’s funny XDDDDD (but sometimes her voice annoys me >< )
    And yea i’ve read about the rumours of her and Jay (as well as stalking DBSK + Suju, i also like to visit the chinese entertainment websites XDD yea i have too much time on my hands lol)

    You’re welcome <33

  11. lol im back again
    err…how come in the dance battle donghae didn stand out as the hidden card for team B
    that made me sad :( he didn participate much in this overall interview…i thought he wud’ve had a few chinese phrases to shout out too :( maybe he was feeling semi uncomfortable coz he didn know wat was going on…
    but lol if dbsk had been there they wud’ve said “are your parents healthy?” hehehe

  12. Candychu:
    I was really dissapointed that Donghae didn’t come out and dance :(
    LOL i remember Jae saying “are your parents healthy” at one chinese press conference….Hangeng taught them well lol XDDD

  13. ohmygosh I know. When she was talking in Chinese her voice was all high pitched and cutsey but when she spoke in English her tone was normal. I loved the end of part 4 when sungmin was going to feed kibum but kibum told him to feed patty and sungmin looked hesitant to feed her. Haha. And she’s so witty “I’m actually 42 and I have 3 babies. One of them is already in college.” and their faces were like no way!!

  14. Yeah, I got vaguely addicted to them. It’s not as bad as DBSK cause suju can’t really sing that well… but I was mostly attracted to KRY first. And then I started watching some clips of them (and of course, I LOOOVE SJ Full House). My favorite is probably Ryeowook and Donghae. Wookie cause he’s just SOOOOO cute and tiny and squishable (can I take him home, mommy?) and Donghae for his pure spacey-ness… all the time. haha. I like Eeteuk too and Shiwon as well (SUCH A GOOD CHRISTIAN BOY!!!)… but I think Donghae’s just really “special” but Wookie is just sooo cute and such a good singer…! OH and I figured it out. If you put Donghae backwards=Aedong=Aidan…! I THOUGHT his English name sounded like Donghae, but I couldn’t figure out why…

  15. Nathica:
    Wooooot someone else agrees with me :DDDD
    Lol i loved the Sungmin part too, especially how the captions on the screen went “love” and “friendship” and Sungmin chose “love” XDDD

    Yea I love the Suju boys (can you tell?) but because i am a sane fan, i admit that their vocals aren’t that great ^^” I first noticed Suju after DBSK’s Bajun drama, after Changmin sang “Haengbok”, and then i watched Full House and it just all got out of hand XD
    I WANT TO TAKE WOOKIE HOME TOOOOO – but you’re the first one i know who has chosen him as a favourite :D My favourite Suju boy[s] are Leeteuk, Heechul, Siwon, and Donghae, so it’s sorta similar to yours :DDD
    Aedong = Aiden, that is SO SMART!! ILU you always make the best observations ^————–^

  16. what show is it???

    I want to watch this video, but I can’t find it

  17. yea…can anybody send me the link or something? >< i wanna watch it too! the video was removed by youtube ):

  18. Me too!!! I want to see this…but it’s been removed from youtube. Do you know what the title of the video is called? The exact title? And the date? Coz if there is parts of this on YT, then we’ll be able to find it if we know the name and when this took place. THANK YOU!

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