Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 5, 2008

Another Suju asia tour promotion picture

Picture Credit: BoBo特o0『幽』 @ Baidu Park Jung Soo Bar


Still haven’t found a bigger picture :(

They look SO HANDSOME in the white suits!!!!! *———————————–* [I think they’re supposed to be ringmasters or magicians or something???]

I am SO RELIEVED that Donghae’s hair is normal for this poster SO SO RELIEVED :DDDDDDDDD

I think my favourite look from this poster is Sungmin, just because he looks so cute in that oversized hat XDDDD It looks like it’s going to eat him LOL

For those of you who plan on attending the concert (ie. not me because i have uni and i live a few thousand kms away) an extra day has been added to their Seoul stop, so they will be performing there on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of February, CAN’T WAIT TO SEE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. holay. that pic reminds me of something. but yay! super show ftw XD

  2. i like leeteuk’s hair ^^…
    no i lie…i LOVE it
    theres something about it these days that just keeps drawing my attention to it
    but after u mentioned sungmin i do agree he looks uber cute with the massive tophat xD
    of course donghae is looking adorable as usual
    and siwon looks so good ^.^ except the way hes holding the stick makes him look like an old man…an attractive old man :P
    but damnm if majority of suju wanna come to australia anyway then y cant they do so???

  3. Querubin:
    It reminds me of DBSK’s repackaged third album….
    Can’t wait to see what they’ve got prepared for their concert :DDD

    After their concert they should all take a nice break and fly over to Australia….preferably Queensland because it’s nice and warm xP i think you know what i’m getting at


    they all look sooo handsome

  5. LOL yep QLD would be the place where they can walk around without a shirt :P
    oh and guess wat?
    i was re-watching the purple line MV (as you do) and i noticed a secret msg that dbsk has left us…they too want to come to australia…

    ahahaha im such a tool XD

  6. Cholalola16:
    I want a poster of this picture!!!! *—*

    Very smart ;)
    And ooooo i’ve already watched it 5+ times and i’ve never noticed that LOL XDDDDD IT’S A SECRET MESSAGE FOR MEEEEEEE XDD (想太多~)

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