Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 5, 2008

Cassiopeias will be in the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records

Credit: Querubin for telling me [thank youuuuuuuuu <333] and Ochibi @ Shenyuepop

Original text:

“The fanclub of Asia’s Top Artists group TVXQ, known as Cassiopeia has been recorded to The Guinness World Record Book of 2008, for the BIGGEST fanclub of an artist! Cassiopeia consist of over 800,000 OFFICIAL members when last counted. This is not even including the non-official members. With this, TVXQ has the biggest fanbase in the world!”

OMG 800,000 OFFICIAL MEMBERS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

That’s not even counting the international fans (unless you’ve got a Cassiopeia membership) or the people who just “like” them but haven’t joined the fanclub :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O [like I’m not officially a “Cassiopeia” – although the front of my msn name does say “¢αššισρєια” but that’s just because it looks pretty and confuses people XDDDD]

I remember questioning how rich the Cassiopeias are to always shower the boys with such extravagant gifts, but if there are 800,000 of them in the “group” then forget Gucci wallets THEY CAN AFFORD TO GIVE THEM A FREAKING HOUSE.EACH.IN EVER CONTINENT.

Yea I need to go find myself a fanclub.

P.S: From memory I don’t remember DBSK selling 800,000+ copies of their last Korean album….


  1. Hnn.. that’s not including BigEast, right? Bigeast is THSK’s Japan-based fanclub, and they’re supposed to be huge as well. And Cassiopeia does have an international branch as well. But this doesn’t count all of DBSK’s unofficial fans cause a lot of us aren’t willing to shell out the annual fee to get membership, ne? So DBSK’s fans are probably somewhere in the millions actually cause there are EASILY at least 200,000 more unofficial fans overseas and across the globe. <33333 WOW they beat all American stars too!!!! YES!!! DBSK pwns and one day they will take over the world. Freaking perfect…~~~

  2. Nanshi:
    No i don’t think it includes BigEast..
    The idea of DBSK taking over the world is very very very nice :DDDDD I want them to put out a english album…but i kinda don’t considering their awesome Engrish skills ^^”
    Cassiopeia members have to pay a annual fee??? I gotta give it to LSM, the man sure knows how to make money…..even if the joining fee is $1each (which i doubt) LSM will still get $800,000 a year….sigh…

  3. The joining fee is $60 (USD) per year, and that’s not really counting inflation. Plus, there aren’t really that many special Cassiopeian-exclusive activities. Most of them just get “early” pick for concerts and stuff. This doesn’t include the crazy amounts of products that the boys put out. And I think Bigeast has a membership fee too, but SM has to split with Avex, whereas in Korea SM gets the share. ick. I wonder how much of the money the boys see. If I know SM… honestly? Not very much. That gets me a little pissed cause they work so hard.

  4. Nanshi:
    Amazing how 800,000 of them can pay that every year yet they can’t spend the $20-$30 on CDs…
    I’ve heard that SM takes 80% of their artists earnings? IDK that seems a little unrealistic….

  5. So amazing !!!

  6. omg thats crazy, honestly yeah i agree with nanshi. I was thinking that the other day, do DBSK get paid as hard as they work? If so….theyd be millionairs and im not joking! D: and SM me no likie! the only thing i love him fore is geting the 5 together. but he sure as hell knows how to make money. 60$ a year is crzy per meber!
    and yeah, x3 those 800,000 are JUST the official Cassiopia fans. Not including us poor unofficial ones. not counting BigEast either (so far i think theirs 80,000 of them?) again officially so thats roughly 880,000 fans…
    wow…honeslty. i think if theyd be able to count all their fans all over the world (offically registered or not) we’d be over a million. They’v got fans in saudi arabia. Theyv got fans everywhere xD
    TVXQ take over teh world~ o(^0^)o im a real fan!

  7. I don’t necessarily think that people don’t pay because they can’t afford to, but for me, I live in the United States and they don’t come here. So, if I become their official fan, there’s nothing much in it for me since they don’t even come here often in the first place. They stay in Asia most of the time. I just don’t think that paying $60 is worth it if I don’t get anything out of it.

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